CONTEST - The perfect celebrity competitor!

It’s 2021, and it’s nice to finally dream of seeing other humans in person again …

For this first month of the year, we want to know: If you were to play heads-up poker against a celebrity, who would it be and why?

Would you want fierce competition? Or would you rather pick someone you think you’d wipe the floor with? Or who do you think may be evenly matched with your skills? Maybe you’d just like the company of your favorite comedian to keep the table interesting?

Share your celebrity and why they’d be a great pick. On Tuesday, January 26th, we’ll draw the names of five participants, and each will win 100,000 chips for their bank!


I think the celebrity I would like to play against is former New England Patriots player Richard Seymour. He’s played at WSOP and Pokerstars events in recent years and I think it would be a fun experience to be at the same table as him.

I’m not sure how well I would do against him. I may get distracted talking about Football with him. I’m sure he has some great Football stories to tell!


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John Cleese. I have had the pleasure of his company many times. I trained his daughter’s horse, and took her to horse shows. Win or lose, he always had me laughing.


Dwayne Johnson aka “ The Rock “ . Always entertaining, good sport, great poker player and a good friend who I seldom see anymore. Besides the fact that he’ll bring the tequila because he owns the company lol :joy:


Lindsay Lohan, because she has lots of money, is considered to be one of the dumbest people in Hollywood, and is known to make incredibly bad choices in the men she dates.


Rodney Dangerfield. He gets no respect at all, and I know for a fact that he’s drawing dead.


Mike Tyson. He seems like a nice fun-loving guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly. But if he started losing, he would probably bite my ear off.

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Ted Brunson who is more my age or older! Hope he is still around for I haven’t seen him for awhile. He won WSOP poker on a 10-4.

Doyle Brunson

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Normally I dislike the sense of the word “celebrity” but I’d love to find myself at the same table playing with the Friends cast! Monica, Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler and Phoebe.

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Peter Kay, his Car Share was an unexpected delight and his brilliant northern humour would brighten up any poker table.

Matthew McConaughey I know some poker and bourbon would be very insightful as Mathew has always been ahead of his time with his philosophy and motivating talks.


i would like to play with david mitchell, see if his wife has taught him anything!

Doc Holiday lol


Robin Hood, he would let me win as I need the money

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I would like to play with Scottie Nguyen. I think he is so poker savy and
he can read players and play accordingly.

Daniel Negreanu

His MasterClass was well taught, explaining things in a manner which did not make me feel like the amateur I am. I looked at the game differently that I have for decades and have improved my skills. The joy of math for considering the card/player numbers plus the mental agility it takes to learn your opponents’ skills (online and in person) is very fulfilling through his own eyes. To be able to watch him use the skills he has shown me while I try to win the card game between us would be challenging and pleasureable.

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Con Mel Gibson uno de mis artistas favoritos, ceo que sería divertido jugar cartas con él

With Mel Gibson one of my favorite artists, I think it would be fun to play cards with him

Harrison Ford. Then I can say I played with a President, Archaeologist, Space Pirate, and all around cool dude.

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I would pick Shaquille O’Neal aka SHAQ because just watching him on TV and all the adventures he goes through he makes me laugh everytime i watch him especially when he is on NBA on TNT being an analyst. He is a hilarious guy who i would love to play some cards and smoke some cigars with in his epic poker treehouse that Treehouse Masters had just made for him in 2018 in his backyard. That includes a dartboard, a full bar, a humidor for his cigars and of course the center piece being a full 6 person poker table with all the works! And maybe if i get him to go all in i could get him to put 1 of his NBA Championship rings in the pot LoL And not to mention i couldnt imagine the legends he would bring over to fill up the poker table with in his poker treehouse!