CONTEST - Replay Winter Games Feedback


Thanks to all who participated in one of our biggest promotions ever! Whether you played in one of our events or took your shot guessing in our contest, we appreciate you getting involved in the Replay Winter Games. :1st_place_medal:

Now we want your feedback!

What did you like about the games? What did you dislike? Did you play in many events, going outside your comfort zone, or did you stick to what you knew best? If you didn’t participate at all, what would have made you strive for a medal?

We’re happy to hear any thoughts you’d like to share with us. As thanks, we’ll be awarding five random players who chime into this thread with 100,000 chips!

Please post your feedback below. Winners were credited on Monday, March 25th.


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I thought this was a great event!! 18 days all day, Meant I could get involved on my days off without rearranging play times or work schedule, and 24 hours meant no worrying about not being able to participate. I don’t care for the ring games (kind of bingo to me with the same few people at several tables) But I know a lot of people do like rings. So you catered to us all. I did not make the medal’s but I did make it to chip pay outs on several. Congrats to all that Made GOLD, SILVER, & BRONZE.


It was the holdem ring games I enjoyed most :grin:
I wound up winning 110k from the leaderboards but I don’t know about any medals…they were definitely a lot of fun though!

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I loved this event, I could pick and choose what games that I wanted to play, and get some rest in between. The length of the promo was great, unless you are addicted to every event, and don’t get any rest… And I would do it again, in a heartbeat.
Great Job REPLAY!!!

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It was a fun event, fun is what we’re all here to have… great stuff :wink:

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Participation in international gaming is the glue that binds modern civilization. In a small but meaningful way we all participated.
We should strive to keep the spirit alive and do our part in international brotherhood. Keep up the fellowship Replay and thank you for the opportunity to participate.


Great format on the Closing Day games. Nice variety throughout the event - something for everyone.

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One of many things I liked - the events centered on MTTs had six tourneys, instead of the usual four tourney schedule many MTT promos have.

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It’s a birthday :cake: because today, a year ago you signed up on the forum.

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Yeah, @Matchstk , it was my cake day on the 8th too. 2017 just like you.

I know I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but I really think the “first 7” SnG leaderboard needs to become standard fare for any future events. KOs and max points tend to synergize quite well, so it’s often a two for one for most players.

Other than that, I avoided playing the ring game points for reasons I disclosed in a thread I started. I didn’t want to be seen as taking advantage. I’ll wait for the team to make tweaks based on their findings before trying it.

Overall, I’d say a pretty successful and well-varied event. :+1:

I liked everything about these games. Every day was something different. The SNGs were great - I liked the different leaderboards. The first 7 brought people in who couldn’t play all day for points or wins, so there were always different people at the tables. I also liked the MTT format of 6 games rather than 4. The one suggestion I have is that you put the medals on the profiles of the winners. It provides a talking point if someone asks about them, which could draw more participants in future games or promotions in general. I know talking about the games before they started made a few of my friends decide to play, and now they are looking at the new promotion :slightly_smiling_face:


I like this idea. I’m going to put something about my gold medal :1st_place_medal: in my “about me”.

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It was a great event. Little lost on the ring games, but hey… That’s me. Thinking it would be awesome if you worked for a metal it showed in your achievements. Show the metal and a small number of how many you won. The mtt with knock outs are my favorite. But, then again… That’s me. Great job, Replay. Hey, coffee cups or mugs for gold metals? (evil grin) Just thinking the coffee would even taste better (winks).

I really enjoyed this promotion. It freshened things up a bit in the sense that for some, it provided a little bit more incentive to compete. It was nice to represent your country. It was fun to check in on how each country was doing. It would be nice to see medal results with some per event entrants/per capita of country information. So many countries offer some great, good, and bad Replay players, but countries with a small percentage of entrants didn’t stand a chance against the United States or a good chance against Canada. You really have to give props to Columbia for placing as well as they did.

Good to see the variety of games, formats, and starts times for all to enjoy. The first 7 LB were great. As previously mentioned, it gave players who are not able or interested in (or both) playing so many of the same games an opportunity to compete for a spot on a LB. In order to place well on a LB you usually have to play A LOT of those games - fair enough (they often deserve it and just plain do well, too), but having a more ‘per games played’ option made it really enjoyable, too.

Well done, all. Would love to see the cool events and other ideas keep coming!

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I suggested a tournament like this a few years back when I was in a tournament with a fellow from Russia It got down to just the two of u out of 60 players I believe I was down and made a come back and won. Not until the end of the game did I realize how many guys stayed on to watch I never seen that many watching the end of a game since. All the USA guys were cheering me on. I am not the greasiest player in Hold’em but if I ever wanted to win a game it was that one. I notified about the game at the time and they got back to me just excited as I was and congratulated me also when I seen this tournament you ran I couldn’t help but think maybe Replay got the Idea from that game I played. I went in one game in the tournament but lost. It was a lot of fun though

The winter games were very exciting and very well thought out. I had a lot of fun getting involved and winning 1 gold and two silver medals. This is the kind of thing that gets me addicted to replay poker. Lets do it again. :slight_smile:
Mark B.


I loved the winter games. Oh such fun and the greatest pleasure of all was the people playing. I became friends with so many, and to me that is what it is all about. Replay did an awesome job and sure seemed to have all their ducks in a row. The only thing I didn’t care for was the time we played the “free” roll with all players. There were so many people playing, who were not playing winter games, which made the tournaments much longer. I really preferred the ones that were “winter games” Only. Replay out did themselves with an outstanding tournament. Thank you.


I thought it was fun, trying to win a medal for your country. I’ve always wanted to compete in the Olympics, but since I won’t be making the Canadian ice hockey team anytime soon, this is the closest I’ll get. Thanks! :+1:


Sorry i did not check it out. Somewhat of a new member (4 months ) and just did not check into it.