CONTEST - Replay Swag Store Feedback

I purchased a Trucker cap for my guy, and he let me design it with the Zazzle customizer. So twisted & tweaked things until I liked what I made & purchased it. He wears it on a regular basis, but he wouldn’t mind different cap styles and background colors. Here is a picture of what I made him, but he didn’t want to be in the picture… Men…

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I like the store and would love to see a pink hoodie that zippers all the way.

Look cool gang hope you can add more stuff like cards clay chips, felt table cloths,dealer visors and alike. good luck. Id really like to see a tournament at an exotic location and real cash prizes. I’m all in on that!!
good luck swag peeps!.
I wear XL.

I checked out the store and left very confused. It seems this is a different companies site, an existing online retail store that features this site. Maybe they have started selling T-shirts and hats (typical items that basically every company has) that display your name/logo. But when I typed ‘chips’ in the search bar the return I got said nothing…
I think that’s sad, I was very disappointed. I am currently in the market for unique chips to use in a league I am in. Currently they use chips they bought that are nice but it would be easy for someone to get the same kind in order to cheat. I want to be able to completely prevent this.
I know it is very unlikely that you will remedy this by christmas so I will have to look elsewhere. Just wanted you to have my opinion.

Try Spinettis Gaming Supplies in Las Vegas. They have “obsolete” chips from casinos and card rooms that are no longer in business that are reasonably priced (some are serious collectibles–those are NOT cheap). The sister of one of my best friends is manager there. Tell Roseanne Bob’s friend Ron from Massachusetts (she’ll know me) sent you. She’ll help you find some nice ones. Good luck.

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Love the store, would like to see black tee shirts and jackets.

Cool threads

Cool Store!! It’s like getting a Royal Flush dealt to you because it’s a hands down winner in my book. Way to go Replay Poker!!

Ok, thanks for the idea. Two things, 1 I live in Buffalo (LOL) 2 what I actually had in mind was based off an ad I saw in CardPlayer for a website you can go on and select between many varieties of chip colors, borders, and logos. Specifically, I had my college rugby team name & jersey design in mind. In any case I appreciate you taking the time to respond to the previous email

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You can go here to put any image on chips.

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i think a wool toque with replay poker on it would be nice to wear at this time of year.


awesome idea you guys …keeps getting better and better thanks —Buck


We welcome additional store feedback, but any further posts won’t count toward the contest. I’ll be drawing names later this morning, and I’ll contact winners via PM for their details after the announcement. Thanks for playing!

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Thanks again to everyone who took the time to leave us feedback for new store! I’m passing along your thoughts, but I wanted to share the most common suggestions with all of you.

  • More colors! Black and grey are common requests, but you’d like to see additional options all-around. This includes pops of color on things like hoodie cuffs and zippers as well.
  • We’re missing poker items! Cards and chips were by far the most requested, but your ideas ran the gamut.
  • Speaking of hoodies, zip-up hoodies came up often. No one wants to mess up their hair with a pullover!
  • It’s getting colder, and people want to stay warm. A few of you want to see long-sleeved t-shirts and knitted caps.
  • More shirt styles. Women’s v-necks, polo shirts, and pocket tees were common suggestions.
  • Finally, you’d like your Replay items on the go. Travel mugs and bumper stickers also came up.

I appreciate everyone chiming in with such thoughtful suggestions. The feedback about a more seamless store integration, offering personalization, thoughts on pricing, and more are all quite helpful. We’re currently using Zazzle because we ran into trouble shipping internationally with other options, but we’ll keep looking for ways we can improve the entire experience.

Now … onto our winners! Using a spreadsheet and, the following players were chosen to receive t-shirts:


I’ll be reaching out to each of you via PM for your details. Please keep an eye out!

Thanks everyone! We have a new contest coming up next month with a prompt from @JuiceeLoot. We’ll be giving out chips AND Replay Poker beanies to keep you warm this winter! (Or in the AC if you’re down under.)