CONTEST - Name our Stud Ring Games!

It’s time for a new Name That Table contest!

Seven Card Stud ring tables are in full swing, and it’s time to give them a theme, much like the rest of the Lobby.

That’s where you come in — help us name our first five Seven Card Stud (high only) tables! As with our Omaha tables, staff will choose our favorites, and then YOU will vote for the winners. The five names with the most votes will be selected. Staff will break any ties.

Each winner will receive a 250k prize!


  • Seven Card Stud tables will have an animal theme. Some examples would be Eagle’s Nest, Nine Tailed Fox, or Groundhog Day.
  • There is a 15-character limit, including spaces.
  • Avoid copyrights (e.g. don’t name something after a TV show unless it has another non-copyright association).
  • Please do not name tables after yourself or other players.
  • You may suggest multiple names.
  • Keep it appropriate!

We will stop taking entries on Monday, November 23rd. The poll will go up, and you’ll have until Monday, November 30th to vote for your favorites!


The Stallion


stud bearcat

magnificent seven

Pack Mules

Land The Eagle

seven deadly sins


Waggin’ Train

equine circle


7 Seas of fish
7 Seas of sharks

7-Toed Sloth
7-Ton Tapir
7-Toothed Tiger
7-Eyed Houseflyl
7-Pound Piglet

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Carson City
Clear Canyon
Deer Lodge
Dodge City
Red Bluff
Red River
Thunder Basin


(InMyDay, it has to be animal themed. I love your list, but I don’t see the animals.)

Old School Horse

7paws up

Seven Lives

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