CONTEST - Late registration feedback

Me parece que el tiempo dado para el registro tardío debería ser siempre el mismo para todos los torneos y un máximo de 10 minutos. Me ha pasado que cuando uno ingresa entre los 11 y los 15 minutos de comenzada la partida, existe una gran diferencia en la cantidad de fichas de los jugadores que ingresan y los que comenzaron desde el principio la partida. Como también se da una situación favorable en cantidad de fichas para los que ingresan con respecto a los jugadores que están desde el principio y no les fue bien.

Translation: t seems to me that the time given for late registration should always be the same for all tournaments and a maximum of 10 minutes. It has happened to me that when you enter between 11 and 15 minutes after the start of the game, there is a big difference in the amount of chips of the players who enter and those who started the game from the beginning. As there is also a favorable situation in the amount of chips for those who enter with respect to the players who are from the beginning and did not do well.

Late registration is good, but perhaps a little time-limited to 10 minutes.

I like the five minute late registration simply because sometimes i get really busy & need that five minutes to get in or my puter is acting up. I don’t think it should be longer than five because most players know what time they are starting. Anything after five minutes is to long. You snooze you lose just my opinion!

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When I register late, often when I am assigned atable I am late and have missed a hand and have not been able to play a blind. Cost me chips before I arrive.

Wow! Lots of great comments here! Like many, I see the advantages and disadvantages to both. I sometimes join late because it is calmer – And I also like to know the size of the game before joining, so I sometimes bemoan late joiners. What about something like this: No late registration, but allow the option to join late. Details of what that might look like would need to be worked out, but its a potential solution. And at the same time, if there are changes, I would prefer shorter late registration periods and to have some games with no late registrations.

Agree with this type of implementation.

Do away with late registrations and let players join in any time of the game . As long as the game will end on time still.

I’m inclined to favor a late registration time tied to the end of the first–or, at most, second–blind level’s end.

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15 min. late registration is reasonable

I don’t understand why there’s an option for late registration but I’m one of those who tends to register late. Often I’m limited to how long I’m going to sit at the laptop and play poker so if I join at the original set time and see there are 50-75 players registered great. It’s NOT great 15 minutes later when the amount of players have doubled. This is why I register late…in order to see how many players are at the table. I have to base it on how much time I have.

I’m not saying get rid of late registration because it’s there for a reason (one I don’t know). I’m just saying that for my personal purposes, I would prefer to join games with no late registration.

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I think you should adopt a limited 3 minutes late registration for all tournaments. If someone really wants to play, they will be there on time. Increasing the number of players at the last moment, doesn’t contribute anything to the tournament. Thank you!

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I like late registrations for one reason, I’m old. That means that although I am aware of the times for tourneys I get easily distracted with other things and forget about the time. More often than not I miss the tournament, and that happens even when I register early. If you see my name in a tourney but I am not playing, it’s because the old fart got distracted again and forgot to join in before the time was up. I cannot speak for the other oldsters playing on Replay, but there’s many a time when I just manage to squeeze in a registration right at the last minute before the time is up because I remembered about it. So I like late registration. Signing up late also means I miss most of the bingo players trying to double up at the beginning of play.

i think late registration should be standardized on all tourneys…cut off should be after first blind raise

I agree that late registration needs a set structure of a shorter timeframe 20 minutes is just too long for those who chose that game to start and then have 20 extra people come in that late just doesn’t feel great

Late registration is fine, but limit it to 5 minutes max.

Late registration is a touch subject, but to many people take advantage of it. It pay’s to wait until the late registration is over so that many people could be eliminated giving you a better chance to win. In most real tournaments there is no late registration. Replay Poker should limit the late registration to make it fair to all people to be no more than 5 minutes. Anything longer people will still take advantage of it.

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I’m fine with late registration but I would start reducing the starting chips after the first five minutes; similar effect to players who register on time but start playing late.

I, ,like many, will wait to register because I don’t want to jump into a 3-4 hour game. I sometimes miss the time and am glad for the late registration. BUT, keep it at 5 minutes across the board with all games that permit Late Reg. I have dumped many games because the players jump from (eg) from 20 - 5- in some cases and that means it will be a time consuming game. I firmly believe that 5 minutes would be fair to all, if they are informed of a new format in late reg

I don’t think late reg. should be removed, just standardized at 10 min. I can understand being a little late, so maybe 5 is too short, but 15 min? I think you’re just trying to game the system somehow. The games are up for hours beforehand, so it’s not really a surprise when it starts :smiley:

. I realize 10 minutes seems long for some, but I do believe that 15 would be even nicer. Many a time I am one to two minutes late. I play Royal mostly, and it is my time with my friends. We are just very busy in our lives, and can’t always be prompt. My husband is a stroke victim, so I especially have to get on when I can, not when I have to.The main thing in the Royal tournaments is, the more that play, the more chips and points you are rewarded for the monthly and yearly contests. I will be happy for the 10 minutes to stay. I appreciate you asking our opinion. I hope many have answered. God Bless, Sue13"