CONTEST - How skilled do you consider yourself to be?


There’s been a lot of discussion about skill level on the forum lately, and we’re curious: How skilled do you consider yourself to be? We’ve given some basic answers and explanations here, but I’m interested in hearing your own justifications about what makes a poker player “skilled” and where you think you fall.

Share your thoughts below. Five participants will be randomly chosen to receive 100,000 chips! Winners will be drawn on Thursday, November 15th.



too many players on here do not bother to learn and/or implement the basics of the game…

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I don’t play enough.

I prefer to let other people rank me.

I have players join my table all the time to test their skills and say they are going to take my stack. Most leave empty handed lol.

I have been playing long enough on both money and free chip tables to know I can hold my own against any player on Replay and have enough tricks to make my pots and get in the money in tourneys most of the time but still humble enough to not think I would stand much chance against any of the top 100 world poker players- but I would like to try!

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What unholy can of worms have you opened with this topic? This should be interesting.


I’ve been playing for a coupla years now, and consider myself an amateur. I have to say, though, that it feels good to take down a high-ranked player from time to time :smiley:


Just like big dog I prefer other people to rank my play, I have been at the tables for a few years
and I think I can hold my own

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It is easy to think you know this game. I play as a professional for over twenty years. One tip is never call m all in without the nuts. Aggressive and bluffers are hard to play here because they move in with anything. This occurs because it is free money with no value. It is easy to spot a bluffer because they play way to many hands.

One of the best here, but unfortunately with free chips and a system that seem to reward complete chancers, and with people in tournaments dedicating 8 hours a day, every day, no matter how badly they play, the most skillful won’t necessarily do well. Pity.

“C” Amateur:
As a retired veteran, I have played numerous hours of all kinds of poker when there was nothing else to do. The transition from one game of poker to another is not necessarily a hard thing to do. You’re still playing with a deck of the same 52 cards. What allows me to “hold my own” is my experience and the realization that poker is always a game where there is room for improvement. You will certainly to meet your doom, in the form of massive chip losses, when you play thinking you know it all.

I’m an average player, but when it comes to having a good time and joking around at the tables I’m King.

Someone said…75% of all poker players think they are better than the other 75%…lol

I would say I’m a C and can hold my own, but still realize I have more to learn.

A I have a lot learn

I have been playing for a year or so. I would consider myself an amateur still. I love the game because it is so challenging which adds so much more enjoyment. The feeling of learning and progressing is so fulfilling. Thank you replay poker!!!

Amateur . Reluctant to play high stakes . Patience seems to be the key to getting playable cards, Bluffing at the right time when opponent showing weakness. Avoiding " Bingo" players that simply play “all in” on every hand is key unless have hand to trap. Again patience is key.

I always thought I was a ‘seasoned’ player…but right now I feel like a ‘beginner’.
Which is odd because I have been playing poker for years - on various online sites as well as real live poker tournaments for ‘real’ money, and real live cash games…
On RP my level is ‘champion’…whatever that means?!
(However, I have zero chips to play with as I type this … go figure!)

I’m a very steady player, and I very seldom bluff. I love a good game of poker and I love playing on tables with high ranked good players…but it seems as though recently there are more chancers on here than skilled players, and that’s really annoying because the bad beats are unbelievable sometimes.
I’m not here to learn about poker or to test my skills, I’m here to play a pleasant game of poker - win or lose doesn’t matter to me, it’s the fun of the FREE games and meeting good players and watching and learning from them. It’s challenging.

I often sit behind my computer screen and shake my head in disbelief … how is it possible for a steady, consistent player like myself, to lose over a million chips in such a short period of time?!
Then to build it up again, just to lose it all back again. My game or way of playing has not ever changed but somehow it feels like (and I know this sounds absurd) that I’m being targeted for some reason and funny it usually happens not long after a pop up advert offering a certain amount of chips on some sort of ‘special’ RP is promoting (that I must now pay for).

I play here for FUN and because it’s a FREE CHIPS site, a site which I thoroughly enjoy (and my family hate LOL, because I am on RP daily for hours) which I was very excited to find in 2016…so chances of me buying play chips is nought to zero…it’s not going to happen.

I laughed when I read the above online article…because I HONESTLY feel targeted sometimes.
Oh well, perhaps I’m losing it! hahaha
It’s just very very frustrating… :frowning:
However, if someone out there on the big wide web felt it important enough to write such an article, then no doubt millions of people who play online poker for cash or fun are equally frustrated and suspicious right?

Despite the above, I will continue to try and build up my stack again … wish me LUCK, I need it.


B - Seasoned.

C - Amateur

I have been playing on and off for about 18 years, but I have never played in a tournament with a first place prize greater than $150 or a cash game bigger than $1/2. I like to learn about the game and improve, so I think amateur or recreational player about sums it up. I do have 220,000 hands on Replay, so maybe that makes me seasoned, but being one of the top few hundred players here doesn’t mean I have ABC poker entirely figured out.

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I will not rank myself, let somebody else do it. After all this is online poker, total diff ball game than face to face across live table. The hardest part of playing online is trying to play against unseasoned players who don’t have a clue. They kill more good hands than anyone else, skill or no skill. They will call all in with seven/four offsuit after the flop, and they need runner runner to have a hand against a pair on the board. WTF you ask yourself holding trips, so you call, and they hit it. No skilled player would play their hand, and that is what you can NEVER figure out.

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