CONTEST - How did you find Replay Poker?

I have been on the site for 15 months. I had played online poker many years ago, but had actually forgotten how to play the game. One day I was bored and Googled “free online Poker” or something like that and found some reviews of free online poker sites that suggested that RP might be the best. I joined the site and enjoyed it as it gave me an opportunity to improve my poker skills without risking any money.

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Left my addiction to a Blackjack game offered on our Kansas lottery site if you bought a Fantasy Blackjack ticket. Didn’t leave Cold Turkey, actually played for a long time after the game ended. Several others from across the U.S. played regularly. The game finally ended for real…even for us hold outs. Looked for another safe free game, couldn’t find another Blackjack and I happened to see a WPT show on television. Found Replay and played regularly for a long time. Left for a while after getting tired of All IN Bingo guys and so many that were bluffing ALL the time. Stop in now and then to see if I can play. Not as regular though. Alternate play with Jackpot Poker. Both good games. Helps me to not ruminate on a family tragedy that happened four years ago…cuts down on my tendency to become a retributive vigilante, …and seems to be " don’t think about it…keep your brain engaged" way of dealing with loss therapy and no one keeps notes.

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“Brain engaged” can really be good healing. Best of luck here and everywhere, McPrimm.

Thanks…you sound like you’ve had similar experience. Works for me as well.

Did want to add that I tried the WPT game but really like the Replay window set up a lot better. WPT has those cartoon characters that stare at you all the time. The hands dealt don’t seem to match up with trying to play intelligently. Sort of SURPRISE hands win with the last three cards…a lot of unusual betting as well. Bluffers rampant. Have a nice Christmas season Replay.

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An acquaintance of mine who knows a thing or ten (raised to the power of a hundred) recommended this site when i was looking for a free poker site that did not require software downloading. And it’s been fun (sometimes maddeningly so) ever since :slight_smile:

I found this site also while playing on another site, same Site as Sharonsmarty played on, we both came here from the Site we use to play on. that site was closing down and someone there told me about Replay and i told Sharon, sweetnpaw, crubfrush and a few others about it----and here we are.
Yes we had emoticons there to chat with was fun using them, and i Miss those ( Emoticons ) on the table.


I searched for “free poker sites with MMT’s,” and here we are.

Sorry - Am I missing something are there any other Poker sites apart from Replay?


Hmm, was never really into Poker, at least not until we got a Poker game for xmas one year. Never had a clue as to how to play at all. So I plugged it into the Ps2 machine & tried to figure it out, lol, took awhile but caught on. Enjoyed it after that. I believe it was called WSOP 2, with names like Phil Laak,Scotty Wen, Jennifer Tilly & other Big names. Anyway, moved to another house & decided to get internet, which my kids kept bugging me for. Opened a facebook account & messed around with Google. Decided to check out free Poker sites online, not the real cash games mind you. So then my hubby found this one,Replay. So he decided to check it out & he seemed to enjoy it. Told me to try it,so I did. I found that I liked it, lol…was nervous at first, not even sure why. Anyway, I became a big fan of Replay & have never bothered to look for any other Poker site, & the rest is history. The players on here are also enjoyable to chat with. Thats my story & Im sticking to it :slight_smile:

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used to play on another site that closed down, typed in free online poker and quite a few came up, but when I got here, I knew I had found the one for me. Great game.

I injured my back some years back and needed a past time to get me through the downtime. I am a poker junky, is there any better way to recuperate? Not in my mind! So I searched the net for a realistic poker site, with honest, serious players and true to the game management. Found Replay Poker and that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! Thanks Replay for years of great entertainment! :smiley: :clap:

BLUEDIME; I don’t know the exact day I join Replay Poker, but it was a little journey getting to Replay Poker. So I will call my story ,

                                              "The Road To Replay"

 Well, when Chris Moneymaker won the first televised poker tournament, and people saw a poker table staked with a million plus dollars. That sent Texas Hold'em Poker shock waves around the world. To see that million dollars  stacked on the poker table got every body attention poker players or not. Even if you never played poker, people found  a way to learn to play poker.
 Poker sites began to appear all over the internet. More poker tournaments with millions of dollars was shown on TV. I began and read a few books and watch Pros like

Daniel Negraneau ,Phill Helmouth, Phil Ivwy, Doil Bronson, Freddie Deeb and many more poker pros.
I went the whole hog, I join six poker sites and I only played Texas Hold’em. After I got off from work, did me choars and played poker every evening and night. My wife began to be disgruntal and I had to cut back on my playing time. I p[layed no Sit N’ Go
Omaha, just Texas Hold ‘em.
Some rummers began to float around, that the Federal Government was looking into the Internet sites was gambling for money. I was not so I did not give that much thought. I was learning and have a poker ball…but my wife wasn’t
As week passed, one Day I got off from work did all the thing around the house, got dinner got ready for some poker fun. Turn on the computer and clicked on one of the poker sites …a note stated, " We are temporary out of service" I checked the rest of the poker sites, they were gone also. I was mostly stunned. I checked and found out the federal Government warned the sites about gambling on the internet and shut them down. Some of the Pro got in a lot of trouble because gambling on the internet.
As weeks went by, a lot of what I called “Jack leg poker site” began to fill the internet. Most of the sites were awful. I joined one site and the first hour I played all the cards I got was from the duce to the tens, I quit the same hour. I tried several sites they all were just plane bad. I mostly stop play and just watch the tournaments if I could fine them.
Later one evening I checked email, I recrived a poker download titled “Master and Win playing Sit an Go” a twenty page download for $5.00. I didn’t think any thing about the download, because I just played Texas Hold’em only. I just let it set in my email.
Some days later I decided to down load the information just to see what was in the info. If I did not like it I would just trash it. So I sent in the $5.00 and downloaded the information. I began reading the download and most of the strategies seems very good.
Near the end of the information stated “Don’t play at the money table until you have develop a sense of comfortability with the strategym with strength.” First seek Free poker Sites first.
I did not do anything until a few weeks later I glanced over the Sit n’ Go information and said what have I got to loose. Not playing poker, so I got on the internet and began to search for free poker sites. I found some poker sites but not a lot. I checked Google Play Store, the sites said free, but money was the bottom line On the internet a few tabled including Replay Poker. One site was ran by commercial Co. After evey hand play, players would have watch a commercial before the next hand. A Las Vegas site players had to purchase with a uniform or cloth out fit with their chips and given a name. Didn’t like the site. Some sites were good but with very small poker rooms. Some with strange systems hard to navigate. And just plane bad Sites
I tried Replay Poker the site is the only site that is very close to the EPT, Poker Stars,
a little bit of Full tilt Poker, Zanger, 88, WSP, and other brand name sites. But Replay Poker Have It’s own flavor or system that will draw and keep, and players will return
to play. One of the best sites I have found. I started playing the ring game them using my $5.00 download knowledge playing Sit n’ Go…and won a few gamed
You are the best, Replay Poker


lol axeldent, yeah i learned another word. :hugs:

I was messing round lte at night looking for some poker website and then I had an electrical issue with one of my relays in the house and when the computer came back on the first site I saw was REPLAY, so at the time I took it as a coincidence and ever since then I fell in love with it

Did a Google search. Found and played on several sites - Replay was a Winner!

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I did looking in Google a no cash poker game, and I´ll find
funny and exciting, with good communication with the playmates.

I had find Replay poker when i was very disapointment of another poker site.
Replay Poker is the most beautifull poker on internet
You are more free in this site of any pokersite
Poker is “religion” and Replay poker is the church
Mery Christamas and hapy new year with Replay Poker to all

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I was looking on the web for a good poker site and found replay.
It looked pretty good so I stayed,