CONTEST - Guess the top 5 countries in the Replay Winter Games 2020!

USA, Romania, Spain, Netherlands

USA, Germany, UK

United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France

US, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden.

usa, china, india, canada, brazil

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Perhaps I’ve missed some important information. What are “Tin” and “Chocolate” medals awarded for? 4th and 5th places? Can I eat the chocolate one if I get it?

USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia

USA, England, Italy, Spain, France.

United States, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary

usa china sweland russa south africa

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Brazil, Germany, USA, Canada, Spain

USA, Canada, UK, Colombia, Czeck Republic


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USA UK Germany China Canada

Switzerland, USA, Norway, Spain, Britian

I think USA, Australia, Canada,UK and France

from Munster2

Usa, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Canada

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