CONTEST - Guess the top 5 countries in the Replay Winter Games 2020!

US, Canada, UK, Australia, Norway

Hi One-Eye-Dog, Welcome to the Forum!

1 USA 2 Australia 3 Canada 4 Germany 5 Italy


Hi SSBMelee, Welcome to the Forum!

USA, Canada, Australia, England, Germany

2 China
3 Japan
4 Russia
5 Australia

winter games start tomorrow. team USA pay attention to who is at your table and try not to knock fellow country players out. keep them in game if you can.

go team USA!

UK, Canada, USA, Belgium, South Africa

USA GB Canada Australia Czech Republic

USA, Canada, Czch Republic, Columbia, Unitied Kingdom

1 USA 2 Canada 3 Australia 4 Czch Republic 5 UK

US, Australia, GB, Canada, Italy

USA, Canada, Czech Republic, South Africa, Australia

USA,Canada,Germany,United Kingdom,Britain


No guesses after this post will count as an entry.

I’ll be leaving the thread open in case anyone wants to talk about results, standings, or brag about their country! Just remember that this contest is specifically about GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE medals, so the top countries may not match who’s at the top of the medal table. @GoldenDonkey will be keeping a close eye on the top countries for this contest. :slight_smile:

United states, Germany, Netherlands,Russia, Africa

As announced here, we’re just waiting on a correction before announcing the winners and awarding any prizes. Thanks so much for your patience!

Closing this thread now that the games are over and will post more news once we have it.

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Our tech team has fixed the issue with event #16 and we’re ready to announce the results! Our top five countries were …

  1. USA
  2. South Africa
  3. Poland
  4. Serbia
  5. Latvia

Congratulations to the USA, our big winner, earning 92 points! South Africa had a great showing with 15 total points. Eastern Europe pulled in phenomenal numbers – and no one in the thread saw Poland or Latvia coming!

Although there were no winners for our big prizes in this contest, we wanted to say thanks for your patience in waiting an extra week for these results with a bonus reward. I’ve drawn five random names who will each receive a 50k ticket for participating. Congratulations to:


Thanks so much for playing, and keep an eye out on our blog for a full announcement post soon. :slight_smile: