CONTEST - A rose by any other name


becouse i love rabbits thats wy i like this name


Moppie is the name off my dog and it means in Dutch lovely She has blue eyes like me lol


My husband was in the Old Guard in 1964. was barely 17 I think. Was the right height, right weight, and taking the test or the application process got him out of KP or some 5 mile run. Volunteered for Vietnam in 65. Changed him forever.


when i first started playing cards… My girlfriend told me she could tell when i was bluffing because i would lick my lip… I dont do that anymore… however the name just stuck and she gets a kick telling the story whenever she has a chance to…


was playing poker, and one of the players said i was winning big time 1/26 hands- which is also 1/2 the deck


I call myself “SD4FRWARM” I was born and raised in Vermont and lived there for 50 years except for a couple of years in Vietnam. At age 50 I moved to San Diego and figured I would never be cold ever again. Winters in Vermont can get as cold as 20 degrees BELOW zero. So, if you know the backstory, my screen name reads “San Diego forever warm”

What’s in a nickname...?




Makes sense, 22train pronounced in an Elmer Fudd way becomes 22twain.


When I joined Replay poker every name I chose to use was already used so I just kept entering names that came into my head. I finally hit on one that was not already in use so there you go.


My name is dmsun1 because thats my name. I chose 1 because I “won” game of poker with my friends all the time.


If you order a coffee in Greece and you want it without sugar you say ‘sketo’, which means pure/plain/simple/as it comes. They take their coffee very seriously here, so it might be worth remembering if you plan a visit…


When I began as a casino dealer, I was also playing online poker. The gist is that if I’m as good as I think I am…
“Why aren’t I in Vegas?”, hence the username that sounds like that question, YRNINVegas.


My name is the Cockroach and as frequent tournament player i choose this name for two reasons.
1 Nobody likes a cockroach.
2 They will the last species to survive.
That are good characteristics for a poker player


I wanted something that sounded " distinguished", educated, smart, so I chose my middle name James and Harvard (after Harvard University)


Ali is my name but Kun I choose it because I like Aguero
Just :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


I first started playing no limit in a friends old converted bus. The name of the bus was “BUSTER” . I just changed the last letter to A instead of R


I owned and operated a pizza takeout for over 17 yrs…therefore was called the PizzaLady!!!


Well, I had another nick first. Made lots of friends, got to around 95M, and got bored so I quit. But then, after a while, I thought about rejoining. The question I put to myself was: Shall I? And of course, that’s also what one wonders when deciding whether or not to bet.
So there you have it :wink:


This contest is now closed! You are welcome to continue sharing the story of your username, or discussing your favorites, but only the responses above this post are eligible for the contest.

Winners will be posted shortly! :tada:


We had an incredible turnout for this contest! Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to share your stories, and @Alan25main for suggesting the idea.

Because we had so many participants, we’ve decided to award TEN players instead of the planned five! These players were chosen randomly using, and I’ve listed them below, along with what they shared about their names:

@The_Flame: “Flameling is my last name, hence The Flame. Many years ago some of my friends gave me this nickname, and I have used it eversince.”

@vetteman95: “In 2000, I purchased a 1995 Corvette and named it Eleanor 2 after the Mustang in Gone in 60 seconds. I had wanted a corvette since I was a teenager and when I finally got one, it was the fulfillment of a dream! I started playing poker online about the same time and of course, only vetteman95 would do. I sold Eleanor after 15 years and bought a new cadilac CTS and named her Eleanor Too.”

@okiato-fisher: “I changed my user name because I thought it may change my luck & also I had moved to a new location
I now live in Okiato N.Z where I go fishing as much as I can.
Hense the name Okiato -fisher.”

@rralgol: “Hello all: the first 2 letters are my initials. The rest is the name of the star beta persei, the second brightest star in the constellation perseus. It is an eclipsing binary which means as one star passes in front of the other , the eclipse causes what looks like one star to get brighter and then dimmer on a regular basis. To one one the ground, it looks like the star is blinking at you. For that reason, it was dubbed the ‘demon star’ or al ghul (think batman and league of assassins here) which became algol. so we end up with rralgol.”

@nighthawk14: “hello nighthawk is my (aka) way back when I ran on a cb and I picked Blackhawk but come to find out a trucker in the city I lived in had that name as his cb handle, so I took up nighthawk as mine.
now I use it as my also known as (aka) anything I go on ( games ) I use nighthawk.
and also I can see very well in the dark, so night for the dark hawk as I have eyes like a hawk so nighthawk.”

@diamondaze: “My surname is Day and the first tourney I won (on a previous site) I got lucky with a diamond flush, so I threw the 2 together for this site. The idea was that it would be lucky…looks like I’m going to have to just improve my game and ditch the luck plan.”

@Bufude: “During the Korean war, the Air Force sent me to Yale University to study the Chinese language, as the FBI had already determined that I was eligible for a top secret codeword clearance. The professors translated our American names into Chinese, and I kind of adopted it as my username on most of the websites that I visit. In Chinese, last names come first, so Frederick Brenner became Bu,Fu De. Bu means stride, and Fu De is just an approximation of Fred.”

@Medvin: “My mother name was May Edvinsen and heheh. I loved wine on that time i made my nick name. Med Vin = With wine in norwegian :wink:

@CarolinaBabe: “I use my screen name because my hubby always called me his CarolinaBabe.
That was the first name that come to me when i signed up.
He was killed in an accident. I still miss him so much! But I know I am still his

@malpua7: “My username in Replay Poker is malpua7. This is my username because malpua is a sweet that I enjoy eating from another country in the world and when I play in Replay Poker and chat with somebody and they say that I’m sweet, I feel like my username is very suitable.”

Each player listed above now has an extra 100,000 chips in their bank!

Thank you all again for participating. I loved reading each of your stories – the short, the long, the heartfelt, and the silly. It’s great to know each of you a little bit better.

There are more giveaways around the corner – stay tuned! We have something up our sleeves that we’re pretty excited about. I hope to say more later this week. :slight_smile:

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