CONTEST - A rose by any other name


tony mantuano is my name most people cant pronounce it or spell it so I just use tony man 67 is the year I was in Vietnam


The world is a busy place , and stuff is always going on in this crazy place. my name came from the fast pace world of everything, and I call it A Madworld,

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TwoArrows here, I chose this player name because I wanted a name that would combine my Native American heritage with the game and Art of Poker play. I am one quarter Choctaw, plus what does a pair of Aces resemble? See you at the tables!


I love live music. One of the bands I’ve seen is moe., and moe.'s fans are called moe.rons. My decision to use it as my name here was made with the knowledge that I would be replying to a plethora of remarks regarding it. I felt if I was able to hold my own, the juvenile and immature “spews” made by people on a mission to embarrass themselves would eventually become fewer and farther between. And they have. It’s actually very rare anymore. Trying to enjoy myself. Peace


The name Cairn Destop was a character created for a survivor style writing contest. The author of the book series the contest was fashioned after had a Westie terrier. I used the close relative to that dog, the Cairn terrier for my first name. My last name is an anagram of the word depot, which is what I intended my character to be if he won. Despite being the most despised character, he survived and took third place. Since that 2003 contest, I have used that handle wherever I go online.


This is a response to the contest asking about nicknames—45 yrs ago I learned to drive a semi. We used CB radios back then. The CB handle of the man that trained me was HORSEBREAKER. One night about six of us company drivers were having coffee at a truckstop when I mentioned needing to choose a handle for myself. Everybody joined in with their ideas then my trainer was asked for his input. He said it should be stubborn jackass, because I was the most hardheaded person he had ever trained. We all laughed then started kicking the suggestion around—stubborn jenny, hardheaded-and a few more then one of them said ‘STUBBORNFILLY’ it fit with him being horsebreaker, I liked it and so did they. It has been stubbornfilly forover 3,000,000 solo miles and 45 yrs.

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What’s in a nickname...?

was allways quick on the draw they name me quikdraw


Whenever I did something wrong, stupid or secret my dad would tell my mother “It must have been Oscar Gavaloritch” to protect me. It’s a unique pen name I’ve used for 50 years.


High school days. We used to say, when a person said or did something stupid, he/she committed a boner. I’ve made so many leaning this game I chose the play name of TeeGeeBone!

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i chose my name simply because I am the mother of a police officer.


It’s a clever play on words, a rarity nowadays. Furthermore, no-one ever suspects the mouse…


A murderer, pimp who exploited vulnerable women, and a gambler. Brilliant! Got any relations named ‘Adolf’?


It’s a joke son! Senator Beuregard Claghorn is a comic creation who spoke like Foghorn Leghorn.


My name on Replay Poker, NotCyclops is because my real name is Scott Summers, like the character Cyclops from X-Man. It’s funny, the Marvel Character Cyclops was created in 1963. I was born in 1960. I think I am the original…but then, I am NotCyclops!


Nothing really, just something I came up with JBO stands for Jonesborough, Tennessee where I live. Jonesborough is the oldest town in the state of Tennessee and is the International Storytelling Capital of the World. Really. 1897 was my badge number with the Miami-Dade Police Department where i worked 30 yrs, most of which was Criminal Intelligence. The leopard image in my profile was one which I took in South Africa. My pastime in retirement is outdoor/wildlife photography.


my user name is me ,my name is Angel I have blue eyes an my husband passed away this year always called me baby

A Rose By Any Other Name

No dark secret in my handle. A friend's comment some 50 years ago!

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A Rose By Any Other Name

When I was coaching 5-6 graders in table tennis and they would ask me to sign my autograph, it took too long to write out Margo the Magnificent so I shortened to MTM. When I started playing online poker it was only natural the I would name myself Lucky MTM.


I think its pretty obvious. It’s what I do, usually with both hands, and that applies to both directions, in and out! :wink: I push chips in and out!!


In 1967 I was a crew chief on a UH-1 (Huey) helicopter in VietNam. Ergo, Hueychief.

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