Constant Dropping Reconnecting

Hello. For six weeks, I’ve played here with no problems (except for the first day when I tried to use Firefox) and have enjoyed the experience a lot.
Starting Sunday, I’ve been getting drops - the table freezes, the Reconnecting plaque comes up and I get back in 30 seconds. There are hours when it will happen five or six times. Nothing in my set up has changed.
I can’t recall if it started before or after the Sunday Night crash.
Has anyone else started experiencing this after not having had a problem with it before?

I have that problem now and then , I find it helps if I close the main lobby.

Yeah…the last few days I’ve been having the same problem. Thought maybe it was my Wi-Fi…but this is the only place it seems to happen.

Thanks Sharon. I’ll try that.

Hi, I had similar problems and switched from Chrome to Firefox. It worked better for a while, but due to Firefox being “open source” and them allowing various freelance programmers to get involved in their programming, Firefox has become infected with bugs and viruses. I in fact deleted Firefox and will not use it. I experienced slow then sometimes timeouts, and sometimes auto folds. I note Sharon’s advice, and it adds up to computer memory. I had an old system with 1 gig ram and after a friend gave me another 1 gig (now totaling 2 gig) I do not have the problem. Now and then when my Internet service provider cause the internet speed to be slow I experience problems, then closing all windows (including main lobby) it runs ok.