Constant Bingo

Why cant you fix it where we can make a private table where when bingo players cannot ply on your table? Whoever makes the table is in charge of who can play at that table when bingo players show up the maker of the table can eject them and then everyone can enjoy their game. I know it part of poker but some of us come here with long time friends and want to enjoy our game
without them ruining our good time here.
TY for allowing me to express my pinion

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Other threads covering this.

Was a plan to do private rooms. Not sure they still planning.

With flash, right now its complicated. When HTML5 in the work, will be more likely, becuose its much easy to program it and less limitation.

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My bad, agreed

I would like to see a limit placed on the bets in most tourneys. Up it each time with the blinds but start fairly low and work upwards with the blinds. There are too many bingo players and if they can only bet a small amount at first and increases with each blind then many more players would stand a chance at winning tourneys.

Start with say a max bet of 200 on the first blind and increase it till the final blind where they can then go all in if they choose. Not every tourney would have to be this way but I feel that many tourneys would benefit from an increase with each blind.

Players realizing they can’t go all in would steer many away to other tourneys where they can go all in. Just an idea but one I think we should consider to limit the number of bingo players in all tourneys.

Hopefully the staff will consider this idea and find a way to help stop the bingo players in all the games.

I agree with you about finding good poker at the 10 to 50g tmmt games. I used to find some good action at medium stakes ring games, Beijing Rush, Acropolis of Athens, but lately it has gotten to where it is not the occasional bingo player that I encounter, but more so now is what I “call bingo tables”.

Please allow me to attempt to explain what I’m talking about. Very very few pre-flop raises, everybody comes in almost every hand for the min. Then it goes check, check, check to the river and it is not unusual to end up with 5 or 6 sometimes 7 players still in. Unbelievable, and this goes on hand after hand. Then it gets worse, if some one happens to make the rare 3x, 4x pre-flop bet, I sit in amazement as they all pile on, premium hands lose their value with 5 to 7 callers, so everybody once again checks to the river. Unbelievable. So like yourself, I’ve taken to playing the 10 to 50k t’s. I’ve won some and have placed in the chips often enough, and really enjoy the level of competition and the feeling of a game that at least resembles what poker is.

However , sometimes my bank needs a boost. So now what I do is take a spectator seat before I enter a ring game, it only takes a few minutes to get a read on the type of players are at the table. The point is, not all the tables or players at that stake level are what I call “Bingo.” A person just has to take the few minutes it requires to find them. Good players like good players, Just saying, GL E1.


We’re still looking at what we can do to help with the bingo “problem” on our end – it’s a complex situation, since it is a valid tactic… if not a very wise one. We agree that it can be pretty lame, but at the same time, being stuck with a tall-stacked chip bully is about the same – and that’s a totally legit part of poker.

In the meantime, we do have higher stake levels, which tend to have folks more into the poker part of poker. (Though not as a rule! Poker players love variety – spice of life and all that. =) Messing with pot limit and fixed limits – games where you /can’t/ pre-flop all-in – are also a fun option for mixing it up.

As always, we love your feedback – if you all think of a really good way to help change the flow of bingo games, we’re listening. You are our poker experts! (I mean, we have Chasetheriver too, but our perspective isn’t the same. =)

As I posted a while back I think it would be a good idea to place limits on the bets in many tourneys. The last couple days would seem to highlight that. The number of bingo players who bully everyone by going all in every hand has increased the last few days and it’s become plain stupid trying to play against them.

It’s almost like everyone has heard that you allow bingo in every tourney and they’ve all decided to join in. I enjoy a good game of friendly poker and don’t wish to be harassed by bingo players in every tourney. I believe that placing limits on the amount to be bet increased with each blind is a very good idea and really needs to be considered.

The last couple of days I’ve lost a number of hands due to extremely bets which shouldn’t be allowed. Starting with small amounts and increasing with each blind would be a way of stopping all the bingo in many tourneys.

As I said it doesn’t have to be in every tourney but the majority of tourneys would benefit would the idea. I haven’t seen you post a response to my suggestion which I think is a good one and many of the players I’ve spoken to agree that would solve the problem as it would steer the bingo players to the tourneys that allow bingo to be played and allow those of us who wish to play a friendly game of poker the opportunity to do so.

Your feedback on this suggestion would be appreciated.

Just a thought ! Would it be possible to set it up so you can’t go all in until after the flop. It will not get rid of Bingo players but maybe it would cut it down quite a bit. I don’t know if it would work but thought I would just throw it out there.

There are more than a few concerns about bingo players and how often you run up against them. Lets be perfectly clear here… BINGO only refers to a pre-flop big/all-in bet. Once the flop is out, then any big/all-in bet is basically protecting or representing you are protecting the potential winning hand.

Now that we are clear in what a Bingo is, lets go thru all of this.
Here are some very good reasons why people bingo hands…

1- Well, I have 1.5 million and the buyin is only 2k, I can play as loose as I want, because losing 2k in chips won’t hurt me even if I don’t cash.
2- I just got bumped 10th and they only give tickets for 1-9th, therefore I’m on tilt and just wanna blow off some steam for awhile.
3- I’m tired of playing it safe, so I’m going to start making people risk being dumped from the tournament for playing junk and sucking out on me… even if I have to do it pre-flop.
4- Ohh look that player that hates bingos is here, I think I’ll rattle thier cage a bit.
5- I think I’ll try out a new strategy this time and see how in certain situations, most people have the tendancy to fold even when in the lead.
6- This is the 500 B&R, I need 15k in chips before 1st break and I can afford to pay for it.
7- Its heads up… either I get bullied or I’m a bully…

Lets face it, even if its real money there will always be bingo players. There are 2 tournaments here that are famous for being Bingo-Mania tournaments ( 500 B&R, and 1500 +R ), both have unlim rebuys for 30 minutes. There are real reasons to bingo a hand/tournament and there are also people that do it for no reason at all.

98% of every possible way to stop Bingo players, just hurts the game and the other players. You must treat this strategy as any other and to learn to deal with it … just like the endless squatters ( ppl sitting out so long ) and the Blinds wasters…

You also need to remember… No-Limit , Pot-limit, Mixed-limit, Fixed-limit … if you don’t want to play no-limit, then petition the staff to make more PL, ML tournaments.

I may be young, but I know the value of using the rules to my advantage if possible. I also have seen times when rules were changed to limit the way a person approached a situation. Usually using an adaptation strategy those who use the rules will always be ahead of those who write the rules. I can give you a couple examples…

1- restrict players to only enter tourns with a buyin => 10% of thier bank. ( intent is to stop ppl with 3m in bank to play tourns that won’t hurt thier bank like a 1-5k entry.
Problem is then you hit that ceiling and just want to casually play that night and you are forced to risk 10% of your bank just to play… and it doesn’t matter what that ceiling is… someone always gets screwed.

2- change the limit of any pre-flop bet… Well right there, it is no longer No-Limit, its now something else like ML or PL… just offer a few more of those tourns don’t ruin NL for all.


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Bingo players are annoying. I noticed though the higher stake game you play the less Bingo players their are.

the problem is constant source of chips. if daily bonus was banned then not many bingo players wud last long.

Even if there is no daily bonus, that won’t stop bingos. Some posts say the higher ya go the more there are, I would hope to believe Marc is right, there are less…

@Sassy_Sarah I doubt that.
I have been playing another free poker game on tablet where the daily bonus was really small, and there were no bingo players whatsoever playing on it amazingly. They recently made the daily bonus a lot higher and all hell broke loose. Bingo players everywhere.
Removing the daily bonus is far too extreme tho @HoopHoop . And I don’t see it benefiting anybody. Either you are an average player and the daily bonus helps you a lot both because it gives you chips and give the fishes you play against their chips so you can keep having them at your table. Or you are a very good player and you will quickly get to high stake tables and the low stakes bingo players don’t concern you .


Yes, in the 1st 2-3 days it helped me ( daily bonus ) but I quickly got above that easily by grinding out cashes… then and only then could I open up my game in certain tourns. But, Mogdu, after playing on Full-tilt as my 1st poker site… I got no daily $$ bonus, and I busted butt in freerolls(MTT), SnGs, then micros, to earn my stake ( real cash )

Doing away with the daily bonus will NOT stop ppl from bingo’n hands/tourns.

I can testify that. Before daily bonus, was a lot bingo players as well.
But, I would give daily bonus who play certain number hands. Also the option to opt out.

Ok, so I’m play’n royal… down to last 7 ppl of 65ish… I’m sitt’n 4th, get rebalanced…
4 ppl on table, I’m button… stacks are aprox 11k, 21k, 5k, 13k(me)… get AA…
1st hand folds, I shove AI , sb starts up in chat as she folds, and bb folds…
Comment is - " Ohh great another bingo player, thought we got rid of those long ago"

I will write the rest of this post after I hear from a few of you … good bet ???

Just corius… did you win the tour?

Honestly, I thought royal it is bingo game as whole. lol
I think button not have value online, well, not much, but sure is less in royal.
The last table is all in fold mostly.

I believe she just want to wind you up with that comment. Did she succeded?

without daily bonus bingo boys will be on the backfoot n far more careful knowing their next tourney might be couple of days away. the better players will survive n their will always be far more tight play given that value of chips will be higher to every1

If there is still any players at all that is.
The website wouldn’t die in a day. But it would die.
No fishes, No chips.
Keep in mind that if the site doesn’t give you any free chips, then it’s not free to play anymore.

For the value of the chips. The rack is there to balance that. And well, the amount of daily chips could be modified. But it doesn’t strike me as really high right now.