Constant Bingo

Hi Lo has been taken over by the bingo players and is ruining a very good site…I’m already hunting for another site to play as it is every table now.

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bingo is on every site and I agree that bingo does ruin a good site but I haven’t found a site where bingo isn’t played

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I agree with these 2 players a player sat went all in first hand and won . Went all again I had a pair of jacks and he won a gain 2hands almost 16k not bad profit for all-in bingo on 2500 and it seems certain players are doing this constantly. This is a good site be bingo players everywhere no matter what but 2 hands and 16k later . I wont be on Omaha Hilo anymore low tables or high.

your always going to get them, agree they do ruin the game, but sometimes I like them, just wait for that good hand than wamm !!! works everytime for me !! lol then they leave.

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your gonna find them on any free poker site .

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Any time the “money” for which you are playing is free or of no consequence, you will find “bingo” players, as you have aptly called them, going all in just to stir things up.
Prior to 2011, when on-line poker was effectively banned, there were “free” games and “real money” games, and there was a world of difference. Even for the very small (real) stakes, there were not many players who would splash the pots indiscriminately on almost every hand.
The solution is, of course, play only for something of consequence, like hard-earned DOLLARS or, if you play “fun” games, as on ReplayPoker, just fold until you have a powerhouse hand, and then dance with the banzaii warriors.

I beg to differ micro stakes play similar as RP. You have at least to play 100$NL to get a feel of a real poker game (provided there’s not a super rich dude crashing every pot as well).

Thanks we all have the same idea for bingo players or as we call them in Land Down Under Crashers . Soon or later they will get bored and leave . With the super rich players Here is a great idea go gate crash a high stakes tables see how long u last against great poker players. Patience is the key for me playing the Gate Crashers sooner or later they will lose . Cheers and good luck all every site fun or real has Gate Crashers.

Actually even 2NLHE is pretty much solid online nowadays, most If not all players are legit in any stake, just not as good at the lower ones. Like the best players in reply would be pretty good on the micro real stakes, and the bingo players would just lose.

What’s 2NLHE? 1$/2$? If so it’s called 200$NL, then I agree 200 is really competitive. but in micros that is 0,05/0,1 to 0,25/0,5 it really feels the same as on RP.

mayb if they couldnt topp off 100 times in a hour it would cut down on bingo:)

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What I have had success with is… when a player is throwing an all in, every time, I time out my timer before I fold. If everyone on the table does this it ruins the plan of the bingo player who has no patience. They take the hint and leave the table.

That is a bad idea as it spoils the game for all, if you know how to play wait and drop the bomb on him. That’s the way I deal with clock runners works every time.

How about rake the bet even if no call? Ofc in % , not have max…

You see, right now say low stake 10/20 blinds, if before flop all in, no rake at all…
if any time after in game, all in no rake, only existing pot (if no call)
if (this not accurate) say 2000 in pot, have 250 rake, but if 2000 in pot, some all in (even if called) that still 250 rake

This all just generate more “bingo” players… Not even close to real play…

I have found Replay to be the best play money site. Very few bingo players here thanks to Replay ranking players. Most play like its real money. I enjoy the challenge of high limit games without bingo issues.

I only play tournaments. From my personal experience, I have found that in the higher stake buy ins (the 250k mmt games in particular) people play more bingo than the ones in the lower stake buy ins (the 10k, 15k, 50k ones). I’m not even exaggerating, the last 250k game I was in people were going all in EVERY SINGLE ROUND. And if somebody got top pair it was almost guaranteed they’d go all in, no matter what the board looked like. Keep in mind these were players all in the top 1,000 Rank. I got 4th place (1 Mil prize) and all I had to do was wait for a good hand because I knew somebody would go all in LOL.

It’s VERY ironic. I had the presumption that players with more chips would play better poker than the players with fewer chips, but boy was I wrong!! I guess after a while people with millions of fake chips stop caring and don’t mind going all in with middle pair because they think “if I get knocked out, who cares, I still have millions more!”. My advice is: if you want less bingo and better poker, play in games where people actually care about their chips, but not games where the buy in is too low. I think the 50k buy in games are the best, just wait 10-20 minutes for the fish to get knocked out then people seem to play well.

Have fun :grin:

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The capping is there to not spoil good players and not crush your hourly win rate. In live poker you actually have to pay attention to rake and capping to see if a table can even be profitable or if the casino is robbing you blind.

So I like the 5% rule and the low cap since it’s only there to control inflation (which seems impossible given there are more and more players and everybody gets 2,5k a day by just logging in but that’s another topic).

If the RP team does what you’re suggesting it won’t solve the problem of bingo players because most of them don’t care about rake/cap. And it would only “solve” it in ring games. The only result would be cutting in decent players’ earnings when they do call the bingo tard making it even less likely that it happens.

While I know and understand and agree on what you said, I think still some room for it, if not, out of the box ideas still have own value.
I worry about this chips ecconomy today… Mark my word and see.

I completely agree. Though I’m not sure rake/cap increase is the solution even though it’s out of the box :smile:
They can always scratch a zero if it really gets bad, historically it’s been done in some countries so why not?

They cant and probably wont do that.( albeit, this site could be shut down and new could be opened, especially when big change. This is the easy way, old and new and active players can be called)
The first big attempt was ad a zero to the free chips. ( that time was only sign up 250 chips.) That was a mistake under the old CEO.
Some/most of the rake go to freerolls.

Anyway, some way to decrase chips number, have to be carefull tho. Some idea emerged before.
VIP like system, user could play monthly in real money or in chips…
The option of refusal of daily chips, even give back all free/award/sign up chips ( shows the player earned/win all chips )
A “fame of hall” if player hold a specific position on leaderboard for a set time, they could “buy” they place on it.
Take away some of the chips if owner not play for a year or so.

That last one could be adjust, like from your win (added rake 50%) added to the pool only added to the person who knock you out. Lots of solutions, I never said, its have to be like in the firs version…
Could be withdrave that extra if player log out from table. Any idea need waight out and make adjustment.
Do help, even if not solution 100%. (better then some suggest restriction…)

Anyway, the biggest problem, a year ago I have 4 mill on the 180th place. two days ago 1208. Today 1219.
I see recently the chips cheaper… LOL
Myself have more then 20 idea, none of them implented. ( EDIT: only rake they did implement, first they dont wanted, only when mentioned, its make the play more realistic)

Anyway, not too much left in RP if go like this…