Connection Problems on Royal tables

Is anyone else having problems connecting to Royal sites. I have entered a couple of tournements and normal games but cannot connect to the table after doing this. Is this a problem that has already been reported?

It’s not a problem we’re aware of - has anyone else experienced issues with connecting to the royal tables/tournaments?

I have had this happen one time also… but…I have a Bigger Problem ,I played a tourney tonight…it was the NL ROYAL ,

Start @ hand

PLease… This is the 2nd time this has happened to Me…when the tables combine…the First hand dealt…goes completely nuts…it deals out cards…and acts like it is dealing hands repeatedly …it did this Again…tonight and it took ALL of my chips…and MOST of everyone Elses…EXCEPT

2 PEOPLE AT THE TABLE…they were Grinch and Fish18— Another thing…with this game is…The blinds did NOT go UP at all During PLay…

Something Definitely Not Right is Going On With Someone or Something in These Games.

Here is the Tournament Information Link

I attempted to report this problem the first time it happened, but for some reason I could not…when I hit continue…Nothing happened,and for some mysterious,reason, the Same thing happened tonight. You are more than welcome to contact me and discuss with me one of the other people at the table that I was talking to when this happened…He also has an ‘Opinion’ of what was going on.

This is a Great site…and would truly hate to see a couple of people with no scruples Ruin a Bunch of Fun for some Fake Money Chips.

Thanks blueslide1 - this is really helpful information. I’ll run it past our tech team and if they need some more info, then we’ll be in touch.

One question - the time it happened before this one, was it a royal table or a holdem one?

It was a Royal Table, and I believe that the same 2 people I mentioned were there.

It Happened Again Paul Look at this hand…and the chip count…you can tell how many chips were STOLEN …There is a CONSTANT every time this has happened to me…and that is FISH18 — and after everything happened…Fish18 and fedamaro Still had very High Chip Stacks!!! And They were the only ones that could get a card higher than a king…

KhiasMom was also VERY UPSET AT THIS and said that she had experienced something similar before. It just Sickens Me That There Are Cheaters In This Site For FAKE MONEY…

Here is the Last Hand Paul

This is even more Disturbing…I tried to click on the links that I had copy and Pasted in this Complaint and NONE of them are any good?? this Hacker is Good…How Very Mad I am!!!

Here is the Tourney Info…That I THOUGHT I had put in my Original post tonight.

I hope you can get rid of these ISSUES…as soon as possible,after the talk at the tables, from the past few nights of this,there are quite a few people talking about just leaving here…I would HOPE that wouldn’t Happen.

they don’t hackers , i’m sure. you cant save the running hands, replay previous or look up on your last hands… save it there, send them…

Marcipan I have played tonight, granted there was only 2 people in the tournament…but, We Had NO problems.

I was not playing at the time I was keeping track of the hands. Those links should be good Links. When I made my first complaint, I used the links from my last hands. They also show as bad links now. As I told you in My Private Message,*Which I hope you pass on to Paul There is a Constant in the games that this has happened in. The player I played with tonight, was also present when this happened. I am Hopeful that these people are caught, I am CERTAIN it is NOT an issue with Replay Poker! I have seen this before in other poker sites.

Thanks for all the information. We’re looking into this and hopefully will get a resolution shortly.

It wasn’t a Royal tournament, but a Lunar 8000 that i bought into and it wouldnt load for quite a few minutes, and after it did load, i couldnt play at all!!

Can you tell us what day and what time this happened? It will help us to investigate the problem.

We believe this problem has now been fixed, see: If you’re still having problems then do let us know.

Hey Paul, I’m having problems with the royale 800. Its not leting me in the game. I can hear the game going but I cant see the visual site. I’m also having the same problem with all the royal games on the poker tables. Its not letting me in…Help Please! Thanks.

That sounds like some sort of flash/browser problem. I suggest trying in a different browser or rebooting and trying again in the saem browser.

yes all i do islose my money every time.can someone do something about are taking more money than i,am playing with

tes everytime i join a tourment.i lose all the money i spent to play and can,t play

this happens all the time to me i lose more than i play with