Connection issues

41 waiting to get on table? I hope this is an outage glitch. Will this affect my daily bonus?

Our tech team is still working on stabilizing the site after our downtime. If you notice anything wrong with your daily bonus, please write to us at so we can make sure it’s fixed. Thanks!

I have tried resetting my filters , a few times , also logged off and then back in to see if that would help . I am at a loss now as to what else to try !


I have tried the exact same thing Sharon and nothing works !


The tables are now back

I’ve been in a tournament, and it’s been like this since the tournament started.
I thought it was a problem in my account, I entered my sister’s and wrote in the same tournament and was carrying the seat and so far nothing.

Yes cannot get in to sit n go tables, everything is blank

S&G tables still not available. Try again tomorrow.

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could someone tell me why there are so few tables in the lobby? Amazonian tables and Beijeng are no where also many Hi Lo games missing…(ring tables)

Cause the system is broke

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lol…i refreshed the lobby 3 times and now it is fine.

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Blackout earlier, was leading 50k tourney (3k starting) clear leader with over 7k and all others in the dust - lights out for unscheduled maint. Lil bit upset still they can’t even start the 4:30 tourney I just entered. I need to change site, they are blowing chunks here at Replay - yet to see any refund or acknowledgment


wrong they just eat my tourney fee and wouldnt let me play

Sharing a post from @Howie_Long that I’m unable to approve because the original post was deleted: “I made a suggestion concerning maintenance to Replay. We need some sort of notification on the homepage to let all the players in here know what’s coming. Not that many people actually visit the forums on a daily basis to see the announcement.”

(A good suggestion, thank you!)


Lots of issues, Replay is trying to compete in the video poker business and update a continuous development. Hang in there

Gané un torneo de sentarse e ir,hoy 3/5/23,y no me abonaron el premio.

Not wrong, i played to this time

Yes. Same issues. Reg’d for a 100k tourney, it started 20 min ago. I’m not in, and can’t get in.

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I’ve registered to 3 consecutive Celestial SnGs and each time it has glitched. I’m unable to even sit at the table or see other players so there’s definitely ongoing issues apparently.

People are going to have to be patient, these kinds of things can take time to resolve. Either way, I’ll find something else to do in the meantime. Thank you Replay for all you do.