Connecting to tables

Just happened to me this evening.


happened within last 12 hrs, 1st time ever.


Ditto, last night.

Just had major problem on 9 of 10 ring game tables, 1 wouldn’t connect after 5 tries and rebooting browser and trying again… 9 tables had some lagg connecting, thats not normal.

I had the same problem with the Time to Repay tournament this morning. Table 3602234 didn’t open for the first ~6 minutes of the tournament. It didn’t seem to be just a problem with my connection: the blinds kept getting passed around, and nobody on that table fell above 2510 or below 2490 chips during that time, so at least I wasn’t disadvantaged.

If this happens again, I recommend posting the tournament and table number(s) that are affected to give the support team a bit more info to troubleshoot.

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I got a reply from Support regarding the issue:
“Thanks for writing in and letting us know! We’ve had an issue with one of the poker servers for the last two days. We’re planning on doing a full restart, which should solve the problems, however when it happens, it will result in the site being unusable until the servers are back up and running (this usually takes around 30 minutes-1 hour to fully recover). We haven’t decided which time is best to do this, yet, however if the site is going to be down for any significant length of time, we’ll send out a message letting all players know.”


Thank you for asking and posting :+1:t2:

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Sounds like they should do it now, not wait… it may effect many things most of us don’t even think about like leaderboards/hands played… but they do have to make sure there aren’t other problems 1st.

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Thanks for both reporting this and passing along the message, @cohenmaya!

A pesky poker server has been giving us some trouble. Because it is limited, not every tournament (or every table on a tournament) is affected, so while it’ll work just fine for some folks, others end up unable to connect, even upon a rebalance when everything had been just fine until that point. Our tech team is currently working on resolving the issue, and I’ll have more updates for you as we get them.

I’m so sorry this is throwing such a wrench into your game! I know it’s frustrating, and we’ll get it worked out ASAP.

Please don’t hesitate to write to when you’re affected, as we can pass along the data (such as table numbers that are frozen) to our devs.


Thank you.

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Table number 3605312 is affected.


I was starting to think it was just me! I cant even get on a sit n go anymore. the page freezes and a pop up says “long running script”. nothing I do helps. I have trouble on tournys also but I really miss playing heads up.

Hey @BRICK52 – if it’s that consistent, it may be something on your end as well. We’re still investigating, but our intermittent table freezes appear to have dropped off over the weekend. Please drop us a line at so we can do some troubleshooting with you and see if we can get you back into SnGs. :slight_smile:

I not have those issues mentioned but also with the lobby loading properly.anyone else?

I’ve also been hit by this bug twice each time when my table was being rerouted to another - I’ve found that the best way to connect is to find yourself on the new table and keep clicking on your name - after contacting support Sarah at players relations returned my chips the 1st time as I was never able to reconnect and the 2nd time she returned the chips of the several players I was sitting with

Thanks again Sarah awesome job!


I have had problems registering for a tourney. I keep trying, and about the 6th time it says" you are allready registered" Does not happen every time, good thing.

Quick update: We’ve adjusted our server capacity and have been carefully monitoring table activity. Things appear to be smooth now, but don’t hesitate to let us know any table numbers if you freeze up again! :snowflake:


Thanks so much. I haven’t encountered any problems for a few days now. I think things are back to normal. Will inform you if there are any issues. Thanks again!


Why are they reducing the tourneys entree costs It happened to me twice today

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