Connected devices

Windows Computer – Firefox
GNU/Linux Computer – Google Chrome

This is from my profile, showing all devices used to connect to the forum.
While I understand the 1st one, what I’d like to know is :
Why does my Android Tablet - Puffin… show as a linux computer using chrome ?
Is this also why both Chrome and Puffin are having probs with the beta tables ?


You are accessing Replay via Puffins Cloud server, not directly.
“However, as a result of the web pages being processed through cloud servers, the user’s IP address when browsing the [World Wide Web] on the Puffin web browser reflects the cloud server’s IP address” - and Puffins Cloud Server I assume is a Linux.

and the Chrome part ??

I assume Puffin’s Linux Cloud server was using Chrome.

then flashlight… if the server ( not a mobile device ) is running Chrome, and Chrome is approved browser, then why am I getting problems… even when I also load with Chrome mobile ???

If the 1st layer between Replay and me, is Chrome PC/Server, shouldn’t that allow me to be ok ?

No idea Sarah but maybe have a look here and see if you can find the answer and if not send puffin an email -