Congratulations Excaliburators, our 2022 Replay Team Champions!

The Replay Team Championship is our toughest promotion – it takes weeks of competition with some of our strongest players. This year, our big winners are Excaliburators! That’s @ashirogimutou, @Persistent308, and @tron194 :crossed_swords:

We asked the team about how everything played out for them, and they had some very thoughtful responses to share. Learn about their experience in this blog article.

We would be remiss not to mention our fantastic runners-up! Ocean of Cardschat, Priorities, Ambored, Surprise, and Mad Dogs rounded out our finalists. Huge congrats on making it to the final table! Especially impressive was Surprise making the final table two years in a row, along with Goatsoup and Tiggyxxx from last year’s Lady and the Tramps. We hope you’ll all wear your commemorative swag with style!


Congrats All!!!



Job well done :+1:t2: congrats

We are all so proud of you, Excaliburators! We who played against you know that we brought our strongest game and you out performed all of us. Well done! I was in the C game, playing against Ashirogimutou, who was gracious and humble and strategic and 100% cutthroat. I walked away with immense admiration.

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