Confused about hands folded

I don’t understand how my hands folded in my statistics are calculated. The numbers in the parenthesis don’t seem to add up to me. If I fold x amount of times total, shouldn’t the numbers that show how many times I fold pre-flop, at the flop, on the turn, and river add up to the total folds I’ve made?

One would think.

None of the numbers ever add up. I have discovered that Replay uses a special kind of math call goofulus, which is sort of like calculus, but much goofier.




There are a LOT of things wrong with this site. WAY too often you have an ace on the board. They are totally corrupt hen it comes to having bot stealing chip and admins jumping in and MANAGING hands. Of course they deny it, but they do it all the time.

I don’t understand your comment. Whatever are you talking about???

Replay changed it a few days ago. They use to show how many times you folded pre-flop, on the flop, on the turn, and on the river, but those numbers never added up to the number of total folds I made.

do for me…
No bot on RP. No admins to “jump in” … cant see the point to play for couple mill for… the chips value not pay one wage…
What numbers not ad up? pls paste a pic.

@Marcipan…there definitely ARE bots on this site and admin does manage hands. Get real.

I did play with bots before on other site.
Whats your reasons to state any here? Any nick?

I think is not. I tell you why.

  1. in 2010 I have lots of private conversations with the CEO, how to make this site better. I suggested have a bot players as some time of the day is no players at all or low number. Also becouse the chip inflation.
    The CEO discarded the idea and stated will never have bot.
  2. in 2010 RP have a “mini” learning room , what I find out it was not belong to RP, and too expensive to make it again. The reason for that, any other site could embad to they site, bring more player. PP could try the website without log in.(it was completely separated from main site.)
  3. I did play with bots before on other sites, you dont have to be a IQ champ to figure out what seat the bot.
  4. Bots should show up at lonely players, any room.
  5. If any bots, the chips would not loose they value this fast as on RP.
    6.The bots realy would make the site less players, as loose more hands mean more player leave. So no sence in the long run.

So, whats your points?

My point is you’re wrong. This site sells chips, or tries to. Bots steal chips. You don’t have to be an I.Q. champ to figure THAT ONE out. You sound like an admin.

Was moderator/translater for couple years. Did it for help RP and players for free in my free time.
I dont think you read the points. 5-6 is really undermine your thinking. They are facts, everyone can see it every day if you follow the site.
Also, 2 years ago my 4 mill chips was 130th place or something. now, near same (higher) ammount 1870th… If bots, then these bots unsufficient.
I would like to see bots on RP anyway.

I have just one question…Why are some players ranked 600,000 or worse, but still have a higher ranking of those who are 300,000??? All very confusing!! I have worked jolly hard for my chips and am ranked 600 or so. Never understood this.

@buzz1912 Now ranking based only on the chips only in bank. If player have chips in play, that make ranking temporary different.

Anyway, no point talk about this as RP make the ranking calculation different, based on a play, rather then chips only. No ETA for now tho. So, dont worry about it.

I do find all these ‘conspiracy’ theories a little tiresome and not a little dull. I don’t work for RP and I have never experienced any bias one way or the other. I am a retired Lawyer, so I think I would pick up any ‘dodgy doings’ very quickly. After all, this is a free and fun site, and any ‘real’ money spent is up to the individual without any pressure. As the old saying goes, ‘if you don’t like it, leave it’. Good luck all. Buzz.


You are spot on with that. Its not a misstake, its implemented with the thought , no pressure at all. No adds too. No bots. Added lots of free chips. Lots of freeroll.
Freedom of this:


i agree they sell chips but every once in a while…like my dads case he paid 25 bucks to get chips and never recived the chips/…not say n its bots say n this is a site ran by people who make mistakes i like this site more then many ive played on before so if even 8 out of 10 hands are right y are u complaining abouot it stitt much better then most sites

what’s a “bot”?

Not 100% sure but I think the rank you see at the tables is the rank the player was at when they logged on to the site and doesn’t change till they log out and log back in.