Configuration buttons don't work

The disabled buttons of the following functions are not working, the game does not detect it.

> Always automatically pay the blinds
> always pay the king-size blind when sitting down

Please fix this issue. Thank You!

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Welcome to the forum @Favez , What games, sng. ring, mtt & what buttons and functions are you referring to ?


Are you referring to

Go to Settings in your drop down menu in the upper right corner of the Lobby page and check the appropriate option. These are mine.

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The OP said they are not working for him and posted what you are showing so evidently he knows about the toggle switches.

I would contact support asap and talk them about it @Favez

Best of luck

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The following 2 setting - related to ring games - have not worked since RP switched from Adobe Flash tables to the NEW HTTP tables. Toggling these settings on/off is about as effective as adjusting your fridge temperature if its not plugged into the wall!

Setting 3 - Always auto post blinds.

Setting 5 - Always post extra big blind when sitting down.

I have had a few friends ask why they don’t work, and was thinking about creating a post asking RP to please REMOVE NA/obsolete settings. I guess I’m just as lazy as RP. Hopefully RP will remove them. Regardless they do nothing so just ignore them…

I guess its also worth debating bringing back: Setting 5 - Always post extra big blind when sitting down.

I’m VERY happy RP removed Setting 3 - Always auto post blinds. This was a stupid time wasting setting on the OLD Adobe Flash tables used by trolls.

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Thank you for your answers!
Use the translator, so perhaps the phrase is different, but I was referring to those options, which, being deactivated, are still activated in the game. at least in what I have played so far, which are the common games.

Thanks for your support, hopefully these features will be fixed. greetings!

Hi @Favez,

Just to make sure I understand, you have the following settings toggled off, but they’re not being detected when you’re at the tables, is that correct?

Always auto post blinds
Always post extra big blind when sitting down

What unchecking the box does is make it so you manually post blinds when it’s your turn. You have to post blinds if you’re going to play. If you’re on sit-out, the game will automatically post them for you, rather than making everyone wait for you to time out.

I hope that helps.


These are ring game settings, so YES its true they dont work in SNG or MTT nor should they! IMO its cheating, and should be IMPOSSIBLE to NOT post blinds in SNG or MTT…

I think better clarification for players to understand these settings are ONLY applicable to ring games would be helpful. The circled :question: mark as an explanation doesn’t even explain these are ring game settings.

Screenshot 2023-08-02 124226

Screenshot 2023-08-02 124249

The following is my edited pic from smooth99:


NO! These settings DO NOT WORK! These settings have been obsolete and NA since we lost the OLD Flash Adobe tables and FULLY switched to the NEW HTTP tables.

AGREE: for SNG & MTT ONLY! This was a stupid ring game setting (always auto post blinds) bc it unnecessarily wasted time in live cash/ring games. In live poker players need to pay attention and make sure to post blinds and antes etc. This is a time wasting process in live poker so why add it to online poker?

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This was the question, thanks for your time and dedication. Anyway, what is needed in the configurations is to clarify these options, as you said in your explanation.

thank you very much to all.

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Hi @DogsOfWar,

Thanks for your detailed notes here. Our Team is looking into this and will review and clarify the options.


@chipsmama Thanks.

Both settings noted by the OP @Favez do nothing so you can simply remove/delete them from the settings page.

I can test and show u screenshots if you need. Its very easy to test especially if you remember how they actually DID work on the OLD Flash tables…