Computer Freeze while playing

At 1:12am Eastern Time Zone (USA) , on 11/8/2019, while I was playing on “Connemara Lake 4” Table, my computer froze- Nothing worked. Cursor didn’t move; game frozen in place; ctrl alt del didn’t work; nothing; why, I couldn’t even turn this Laptop off! - Stayed like that . I went to sleep about 3:30am…I wish to apologize to the very fine Players at that table, at that time…What exactly happens? To the player and his chips when such a Freeze occurs? And what do the other players see? Does the game continue with the absentee player still in view? Does a continuous Folding occur, hand after hand? …. I want to apologize to Bomberrs, dingowat, Coco_Coco, driveroc, sneakypete1, BillyBoy, larry8910, Deepu43…….

Hi @jaguarpriest,

When a player isn’t active at a table they will be sat out. At the table their username will appear grayed out. In a ring game while being sat out they won’t be dealt hands and after approximately 6 minutes of inactivity the player will be removed from the table to free up the seat for other players. Any chips the player had at the table when they are removed from the table will appear in the player’s account. If this happens in an MTT the player’s blinds and antes will automatically be posted for them until they are out of chips and eliminated from the tournament.

I hope this helps!


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Tables freeze up regularly (but randomly) for me and I get folded out of hands or look like I’m being a jerk and running out the clock because I can’t do anything. Sometimes the tables automatically reload and I’m still in the hand, sometimes I find I’m kicked off the table (totally; not merely grayed out) even if it reloads in seconds.

It usually did it at the top of the hour or within a few minutes of it. Sometimes it wouldn’t do it for weeks, sometimes it did it every other hour for days. Lately it’s been rarer and happens at no particular time.

It’s cost me chips, which is frustrating. I’ve mentioned it in the forums before but got no insight into what’s going on so I figured it would resolve itself with the switch to HTML5 and in the meantime hope I don’t lose too many chips to periodic freeze-ups.

Thank You very much Marc…I’m glad for your clear explanation…( I just didn’t want the other players to be wondering- if it had turned into a continuously slow play from that unseen and unattended seat…I appreciate your quick response…best regards

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Thanks Guy! I appreciate your experiential descriptions…Yeah, I was wondering the same (about it just turning into super slow folds on every hand and boring the other players)…this is the first time it happened to me, so I hope the other players are aware of freeze events and figured it out…have a good one . . . .