Community page scroll width seems have increased

Width of the scroll of the community page (by date) seems to have increased to the end of the page. When I click on the page from another page to focus, it scrolls up/down depending on the date that was clicked. Its quite inconvenient as I lose the post I was reading.

Hi narench, I looked into this and sadly we don’t have the option to adjust the width of the vertical scroll bar. I also wasn’t able to find a recent update in Discourse though that would have made the width increase so much for you. :\

I did find, however, that whenever you zoom in on the page all of the elements still remain, increasing the scroll width as well. Could you have recently zoomed in accidentally or forgot to zoom back out?

I’m not certain this is what’s causing it, but to test it out I lined up my screenshots below with width at 100% zoom and 150% zoom so I could see if that could make the difference. The 100% zoom still seems to have plenty of space to the right to click while the 150% zoom looks a bit more like your screen.

If you’d like to try zooming out to see if that helps, hold down the “Ctrl” key and scroll down with your mouse wheel. You’ll see the percentage of the zoom on the top right of your page.

I hope that helps!


Thanks for the effort in looking into the problem and writing this. Yes, you are right. I had the zoom at 110%. Putting back to 100, gives me more space to click. Thanks once again, and sorry for the trouble.