Community is small, need more late night players

I love the small community, but i work late. So when i get on after 11pm or so, theres not many players. I prefer tourneys, but its not cool waiting 2 hours for a sit n go table to get 6 players to register. Not to mention that, after 11pm, ive only seen a total of three players on the medium stakes tables, since ive earned the privilage, myself, a few days ago. I simply cant play the tables due to lack of players. Perhaps some kind of “happy hour” chip bonus between 10pm and 12am would attract more late night players…whether it be tourneys or regular tables.

Well, I am in America. The majority of members here live in other countrys and are getting up to go to work. That is why you dont see many.

Like now, it is 2:36am et, Florida. Most tables will be dead.

I like the happy hr bonus to attract lare night players! The problem may be the time zone thing we have here in the USA. But I for one am up at all hrs, so I think It may bring us late nighters together. There most deffinatly is not a lot of good tourny’s after 12, or 1 or early in the morn. Never know, it could be a hit !

The community is growing, day by day.

You can help , tell your friends about this great site.