Comments, questions, & suggestions re: Blog Posts

I thought we might be able to use a thread for comments, questions and suggestions about our Blog posts. If a blog post helped you, made you feel good or bad, changed the way you see or play the games or the other players, or if you really liked or disliked something, this is the place to tell us. We want the feed back anyway. It helps the authors know what we are doing right and wrong and it’s far more convenient for some players to respond here than at the Blog (here, you need not sign in). The office door is open. Toss your thoughts and/or ideas in, guys.

Personally, I am especially interested in what the readers thought of the longer form (two or more parts) story we just ran compared to our usual short (one part) format… Better length or not as good, or it doesn’t matter to you? No prizes, but it will help us edit to your taste.
Ron Pittenger (Alan25main)


Hi Ron,

You already know I’m a big fan of your writing and short stories in the blog. They’re always fun to read, and always have entertainment value as well as some insight into poker strategies, unlike some of the pointless thoughts and posts we unfortunately keep seeing here on the forums, stating the obvious, and saying too much about absolutely nothing :wink:

To be honest, the short stories didn’t change the way I play the game much, but they did and do make me feel good when I read them, and sometimes give me ideas of how other players could be thinking. I enjoy reading them all the same.

It does matter to me, and I prefer the short versions. One part formats are much better for me personally. The shorter the better. It keeps me interested and focused while entertained. I’d rather read 2 short stories than 1 long story split into 2. That’s just my opinion.

Thanks for always taking the time to write these posts, and if I may suggest one more thing: maybe you could create a thread here on the forums for such stories (if it doesn’t create any conflict with the blog). It would be very nice and refreshing to read them here as well.

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Hi Ron:
I have tried to start a blog but not sure where to do it. Always nice to read yours and some of the other ones. I have enjoyed meeting so many nice people and have become friends with a lot of them. It is so nice when you get a table that chats, is friendly an really tries to play poker rather then “bingo” playing or betting very high preflop. Most players that are there for fun and strategy which I love. I have had one problem with replay (and many others have had the same one) and that’s a “slow down” and going gray. So many times it stalls. Other then that no complaints with Replay. Nice to hear from you. Cordially, your friend Barbara (Macawesome).

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Mac, I’ll reply in a PM with some outside blog into, but wanted to say thanks for the vote of confidence. Bear in mind, I merely contribute stuff to the RP Blog along with marc, wannabeecoder, Golden Donkey, Ash, and others. My stuff may seem a little more prominent, but that’s only because I use a “by-line.” Well, that and the fact that I send in a lot of stuff, LOL. Ash is effectively our “editor” (thus, my boss) and chief cook and bottle washer (meaning she gets all the crappy jobs no one else wants to do) and also sends out many of the promotional emails. Nice girl to know. And, since she’s on vacation for a week, she won’t see this until she returns.

i can not figure out how to change the player image that i chose when i started playing . not a big problem but i still like to learn how to change my player image at the tables … any one ? if it is posted already how do i go about finding the posting. oh, new at this . sonnny

All info how to do this you will find here:
changing player image/avatar
Hope this helps smile

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Any chance of getting a sort option for the Blog Posts? Like latest first. Scrolling through the larger subjects can be a problem.