Comments of new tables. curious what other tester think

suggestions, so far.
The rotating table feature is really cool. I always get my favorite spot.

The deck needs attention. the four colors on the flash version contrast much better.

I often play without sound. A visual warning for the timer would be nice

sometimes i throw my hand down in an explosion of disgust that things didn’t go my way, once again, and a fury of contempt for all things breathing. Then a pop up comes up, asking me if i wouldn’t rather check, instead. Can that be turned off?

if i were designing a front end for personal use, i’d still have a window which displayed my raise, with various buttons to increase that amount, when pressed. Examples: 1/3 Pot, 1/2 Pot, BB, All-in, Reset. A pot bet would be 2 clicks on the 1/2 pot, or 3 on the 1/3. 4 clicks on the BB buttons gives you a 4BB raise. I’d keep the ability to type in amounts, but probably never use it
In general, bigger is better for us old folk, but like uncle joe of old, i’ma moving kinda slow. if taking care of the lag doesn’t solve the prob, maybe a third clock, that adds a few seconds to turbo? I’ve recently acquired a lot of things to think about during hands, like how to get the most chips from your opponents, then boom, there goes my cowboys.

Chat area is a vast improvement.

Future Tripping:
Hot Keys, maybe programmable F keys

Limited use, extended time button. people who constantly let the timer expire are: actually thinking, playing other tables, thinking it’s a strategy, half asleep, or butt-heads. An extension button that worked once every 20 hands, maybe? i haven’t thought that part through.

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We already have that feature.


i not currently in a game. there’s nothing in settings > game setting. where would i look when i get into a game?

Once in a game look beside the lobby button you will see 2 arrows , one turning right the other left .

tks, Sharon. found it. hard to believe i never clicked there. I think i thought about it once, but never got around to part two.

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few days of testing and current tables still look so much better. test tables blah

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The Tables are being tested for “Function” … The frills and bells will follow later.


LOL…kinda like trying to slam down/hang up a cell phone :rofl:

I also will fold if I see I don’t really have a shot at the pot and just want to keep the game moving…I too would like to see a way in prefs to switch off the “warning”.

Don’t feel bad…for the longest time I would open several tables in an attempt to find my favorite chair. :grin:

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Not many of the ‘right click’ menu items worked, when reviewing hands. One that did, and was quite handy, was the rewind. With the new hands window, there is no such menu. If there were a quick way to go to the beginning, and maybe a pause button, that would be really helpful.


ya know, grandy, if we ever compare beards, if’d be AK vs AK. :slight_smile:

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I had to grow mine out to hide my pretty face…got tired of all the women chasing me :rofl:


If that was my problem, Grandy, I’d be doing he thousand yard mosey.