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100,000 of my chips are in my ranking file.

Have yet to find where to go for late registration

Lost 50,ooo in tournament while switching tables

where do we go to figure out how to play two games at once

Gosh, I am experienceing the same identical challenge

Late Registration, you can read it in " Latest News " (on your Home Page)

Before the tour start you can see if there is a Late Registration in the lobby of that tour. And you can click on the button “Tournament Info” for more info about that tour.

If the tour has started, it is also indicated. You can see it right under the prizepool,

…“Late registration still available” If late registration is still available jou can sign in by clicking on the green button “join” , and after that you can open your table.

If you want to play 2 tables, you have to switch by yourself. Put 1 table on the right of your screen and the other on the left side of your screen. With the arrows on top of the room you can rotate the table and sit where you want.

Greetings Happiness.