Coming in on the blinds

One of the biggest issues on Replay is coming in on a table and being skipped. I’ll give one example. I buy in cash game, I hit wait for big blind which is two hands out so I can grab a cup of coffee. Now when it’s my big blind BUT the small blind is away and leaving so I get skipped because I can’t come in on the small blind on Replay. I should get my big blind and the hand should play with no small blind, so 40K in the pot pre flop at 20K/40K blinds.

I agree that it’s an issue, but to my view it is not one of the biggest issues nor a very important issue. It can suck, it’s kinda weird, but we can get over it, I think…

Have time banks, make it possible to customize your bet size buttons (also pretty small suggestion to be honest), and some other things (not gonna name them all, but people have made lots of suggestions), and of course shut down bad beats/coolers temporarily when I play, would be cool to see :upside_down_face: !

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