Color scheme in the MTT lobby

Is there some sort of meaning to the colors on the MTT lobby list? It seems to me that it would make sense for it to be based on buy in / ticket price but that does not seem to be the case?

As it is now, I find it difficult to find the types of games I am looking for, mostly because the colors do not make sense to me.


Just a suggestion, sort by the Tournament column using ascending or descending according to your preference.

I hope this helps.


Sometimes it takes someone pointing out what should be obvious. Don’t know why I did not see that you can also sort by clicking on the headings.

Thank you.


Indeed, for me, I like to see all listed in the stakes I want, so I have more choices

Agree! To me it looks like a rainbow mess!

I understand some colours… I can see the blue FREEROLLS and the green seems to be BankRoll Builder etc… A page to see the method to the rainbow madness would be nice!

Occasionally I will join an intelligent friend playing a decent MTT! Most MTTs are too much short stacked bingo so I don’t waste my time searching for something worthwhile to play!

The ability to BLOCK certain colours might make it less tedious to wade through and find something worthwhile playing.

Hi Everyone!

We wrote an article about the colors we use in MTT lobby, please check it out:

All the colors will be available in Hold’em tables. I hope that helps, but if you have any questions, please let me know. :slight_smile:

Thank You! That actually helps a lot.

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You’re welcome, @mazi73! :slight_smile:

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