Closed acct

how can ppl who had their accts gone be back on same ip using out pictures to play ? Tomhorn doesn’t have an acct here but yet was in a room with my picture on his profile. I don’t like this idea of others using our acct and pictures. How can this be stopped ? ck it out it will have your picture as well NOT RIGHT !

Reported , was bug in system , thanks for reporting…

He was not in the room with your pic i think. You can not play with an account which is deactivated. You saw it when you was in play? Or you repeated a played hand and saw your own name and pic on the deactivated account? Than every player who clicks on it sees his / her own pic, not your profile / pic.

We’ve updated the replays so if you view a replay of a player who’s deactivated their account, if you click on their mini profile, you’ll just get a blank space, instead of showing your own mini-profile. Much less confusing now!