Clock runners

remove players who run the clock down every hand every table they sit at


If they play a fast table they have 10 sec, if they play a regular table they have 20 sec., that is the time the player can use, both is fast.

A table with 10 sec is very fast, even when they use the 10 sec.

yes some do it on purpose but granny has no room to talk i seen her do same thing

Couldn’t agree more!

Players take their time and drag the games out. Some are on this site just to annoy others. I’ve seen it many times and not just on play sites. It happens a lot on PC gaming servers. Players join a team and proceed to cause havoc. Team kill, disrupt game play, talk sh*t, be a nuisance, and so on. They do not have a life and this is their source for amusement and entertainment.

That’s fine but, you are missing the point. They are doing it on purpose and SLOWING the game down.

It’s becoming clear why the attendance on this site is low. I’ll leave it at that rather go into detail.

I agree it is irritating when they do that but go to poker stars and you will wait a minute or more. Now to me that is running out time. If you are using a computer that doesn’t have a mouse 10 seconds isn’t enough time (for me anyway). yway

10 or 20 sec WOW that is forever!!! Get a grip. Play a real game where a player has 90 sec or more and real people must shuffle and deal the cards 5 or more min between hands and your life is just bleeding away.

Most times it is not intentional as people are multitasking an 10 or 20 sec can get away in a hurry. I am sure everyone has experienced this phenomenon. The key is patience for 10 or 20 sec at a free chip table. (Excuse the use of caps with wow.)

grannybarbara has no room to talk i have seen her do the same thing

It happens on every poker site, and I’ve been on other sites that have a lot higher percentage of ‘nuisances’ than this one. Most here seem fairly polite. I like that on this site the ‘wait’ time is quick. It solves more problems with nuisances than just this one. I try to play quickly and I really like to play quickly, but there have been many times when I have timed out for reasons unknown to me. Perhaps it’s my pc, but I apologize to anyone who has had to wait… and of course those few times in between when I just don’t make my mind up on time… sorry. Of course grannybarb is right, the ones who do it on purpose are so frustrating when you’re here to have fun, so I’m with rick and sociallifer, bugger off party poopers!

It’s tricky though isn’t it. If people purposely and continuously allow the clock to tick down on every hand then they’re playing within the rules, but against the spirit of the game. Who gets to decide which person is doing this too much, it’s very subjective, and would take a lot of effort to monitor and review. I can’t see any easy way of implementing an automatic system that penalises you for being slow. I can imagine a lot of players then complaining they got banned, because they like to take their time to decide. It’s a difficult problem to resolve. Certainly if you think someone is purposely doing this to spoil the fun of the other players, then do report it to the mods, and keep track of the replays, then we can investigate further.

Well, I think some players purposely let the clock run down instead of hitting fold. It is there way of not caring and causing the game to be slow for others. It is rude to do this. If your not serious enough to want to play, then just leave and let others have fun.