Climbing Out of the Gutter

How about a tournament in your regular roster for tourny addicts (like me) who have less than 1,000 but for whatever reason don’t much care for ring play. It could be named something like “Out of the Gutter” and cost 500 to play, and player must have less that 1,000 in the bank or tied up in other tournaments. That way, the poor player wins no matter what–whatever the prize is, or the free 2,500 for being below 500. Perhaps a limit on the number of times a day one could play it, to prevent abuse, but in all other ways just another tournament.

Thanks so much for all that you all do on this site. I really love it!

Suggestively Yrs, MaggieCat

Hi MaggieCat,

Thanks for your feedback. We are currently working on a tournament schedule update. We will do our best to answer your needs and expectations. We will try to fill some buy-in tournaments with a range from 500 to 2,000 every 2 hours.

Cheers, Thibault