Chrome extension to convert stacks into blinds

Hello, I have created a small extension that allows you to convert your stack into blinds to know in real time the depth of the opponent’s stack, so it’s a useful tool especially in tournaments where the stack depth plays an important role in the game strategy :+1:

For those who are curious here is the original topic where I posted the development of this extension :

The extension is here :

Some screenshots :

Be aware that the extension does not allow to bet in blinds directly, I had a hard time trying to implement this feature but I did not succeed (as you will see in the original topic where I explained it) :

I tested the extension in tournaments and I was happy to see that it still works when you are moved to another table :grinning:
I’m waiting for some bug feedback for those who will test the extension, the only bug I had to observe for now was the appearance of several ‘chip > BB’ buttons which I’ll try to fix.


Hello! Customization of the theme is very curious, and it would be nice to see such an extension for Opera or Firefox. I use the most often Chrome, but because of other extensions, the games are loaded longer, it is sometimes necessary to use secondary browsers.

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hi hi madhof!!!
wow you so talented be able do this
when play on pokerstars i always have only the bb of stacks showing, seems more relevant to me than chip totals
thank you so much make this tool - i anxious try it out later today on replay

Brilliant :+1:t2: