Choosing which ticket to use

i think it would enhance player experience if players could choose which ticket to use to enter a tournament when there are multiple valid tickets. several times the system has chosen to use a ticket for me to enter a tournament that i would have preferred to save for later use.

@das32343 , I don’t understand your idea as currently, players can choose what tickets to use at games that accept them until the tickets expire. The site doesn’t choose which ticket you use, they only provide the ticket. It is your decision how to use them.

unless i am missing something, to enter a tournament, a player clicks on the register button. then the player is presented with three new buttons: “no thanks”, “register using ticket”, and “register using chips”. If the player clicks on “register using ticket” and is in possession of more than one ticket valid for that tournament, there is no way to choose which ticket to use to register for that tournament.

a recent example:

(1x) 100k tournament ticket
(1x) step 4 (100k) ticket
(1x) 100k streak ticket - 4+ weeks

i would have preferred to use the “(1x) step 4 (100k) ticket” but was not presented with a choice of which ticket to use and the system used the “(1x) 100k streak ticket - 4+ weeks”. it is my understanding that the “step 4” ticket can only be used for the “stairway to 1 million” step 4 tournament. perhaps i am wrong, if so, could you please elucidate me. :slight_smile:

Hi das32343,

When you register for a 100K tournament and you use a 100K Ticket, the system will take the ticket which expires the earliest.
In your case the 100K Streak Ticket - 4 + weeks will be used first, before your 100K Tournament Ticket which is valid till Dec 31st 2027.

That is correct.

Hope this info helps, good luck at the tables !

thanks for the reply, but you are making my point for me :smiley:. i did not want to use my “use for any 100k tournament” ticket and not use my “good for only step 4” ticket to play the step 4 game. the system has limited my choices as to which tournaments i can use my tickets to enter. given a choice i would have chosen differently and i am asking for the ability to make that choice

You can use ANY 100k Ticket to enter

yes, I understand your point. i have entered the stairway to 1 million tournaments using ALL ticket types: regular, streak, and step. i just want to be able to choose which valid ticket to use. thanks for the reply

You are absolutely right, that would be a nice feature! Automatically choosing the next ticket to expire is kinda sensible but you might want to choose another option for whatever reason.

before there were tournament specific tickets, defaulting to soonest expiring ticket did make sense, but now we have the step tickets which are only good for the stairway tournaments. taking one of my other tickets which can be used for any type of tournament to register for a stairway tournament and leaving the step ticket takes away one of my tournament options. someone just did not think through the implications of having single tournament type use tickets which is one of the reasons for this forum

From where I’m at it’s early morning. So, good morning to all you card sharks, lol. I have a quick question. I feel I should know the answer to this question, but as they say, “the only dumb question, is the question you don’t ask.” Ok, what do I do with tickets I win. That’s it. Any help would be great and insults will be put in the trash, lol. Have a great day all. Ciao.

Tickets can be used to register for Tournaments that are the same buy-in value of your ticket/s. So 5.000 Chips ticket - register for any 5.000 Chips Tournament, and so on. They can’t be mixed, it’s one ticket per entry. It gives you a choice to either register with Chips or with Ticket.

You can see the info about all your tickets and expiry dates in your Bank Page, scroll to the bottom.


Hi ddafternoons,
If you look at your bank page:
by clicking on the green rosette you will see the tickets your have won, how many, for what value, and in some cases for which special tournament.
In general, tickets won can be used to the buy in value of any tournament as indicated on the choice if game when you register.
If you want further clarification, please send me a PM and I will try to help you.

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When more than one type of ticket can be used to register for a tournament, the default is for the system to use the ticket due to expire first before using another ticket expiring later. This has been reported to our Tech team for them to work on giving players the choice to use which ticket they prefer, if more than one can be used.

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Thanks for replying to me. I didn’t know how to check how many tickets I have. Appreciate your assistance in this matter. Have a great day. Ciao, Jack.

Hi dd,
if you go to the s-n-g or MTT lobby and, (1) select the buy in drop down menu, (2) select "ticket and, (3) click on “update filter”:

the result will be a list of tournaments which accept a ticket buy in:

since I cleared all the other tickboxes and only have “ticket” ticked my result shows only ticket entry tournaments. Most can also be entered with chips in the amount shown. Look for the ticket symbol. The ticket that is valid for each game will have a matching value to the chip buy in amount and larger value tickets may not be used for lesser buy-ins (cannot use a 100k ticket for a 50k tournament etc.) Hovering your mouse over the ticket symbol shows the ticket value accepted for that game. Hope this helps :smiley: