Choice of chair/position

I would like to see hopefully to be able to choose a chair if one is vacant or becomes available.

so for example, if you are in the game, and a chair becomes vacant, then click on that chair and when the round finishes, it will change, provided you beat any other person.
Or, if you klik on to go to the game and a chair is vacant, ought to be able to choose.


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in ring games there’s already this option, you can sit out and switch to a free chair of your choice. before you start this is possible as well of course.
so it’s up to you if you want position vs sharks or fish.

in tournaments however it’s not possible, you will be randomly assigned to a chair to make it equal to all players. if you could choose where you sit the people waiting till the right moment will have an advantage over the ones who will be too early/late.
if you’re too early, you still wouldn’t know against who you will have position, when your too late, there will be not much anymore to choose from.
and since tounaments should be fair to anyone it’s assigned randomly to prevent giving an advantage to the player(s) picking the right chair.
on top of this, if you could choose a chair and the other people are also aware of the advantage, the game will get an enormous delay as no one wants to click a chair first.

hope this helps,

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@yiazmat ,
Currently you can not reseat without “leaving” then sitting back down…
Rather than moveing to a empty seat while still be’n @ the table…

The difference becomes when you drop below the buyin, but
you still want to move seats,

Other pokersites offer this, replay does not…


good point,
needing to leave in indeed a difference because if forces you to skip at least 1 hand, with the risk of someone taking the other seat(s) while you’re away.

When you say “posistion” I shall assume you mean the classic deffinition, which would be 1st to act, or acting before your target… On the other hand, being last to act, gives you a different posistion, one that allows you to have seen everyone else’s action before committing to your play…

So which “posistion” are you talking about ???

I feel both “posistions” have different advantages and disadvantages… I do think, picking the right seat, ( ring only ) will make a difference, depending on the players’s abilities and phobias.

@Bluezzz ,
I agree I wish Replay offered this feature…

it the topic, blue was asking for a feature that could make you switch your seat. so i explained how to do that, and like u already said, the only way requires leaving the table.
i also explained why it would be unfair if that feature would exist in tournaments (however i would also like to see it in ring games) obviously the only reason you would even want to swich seats, is to get position to another specific player. so with position i mean sitting left from him, because that way you have a bigger edge over him.


There are 2 “reasons” to change position, one of them is to rotate the seating, let’s say be the first to be dealt, ( 1st left from dealer), and secondly, to be closer or further away from another player.
My reason for asking is, does changing position actually alter the cards you could have had ?
So if I position myself to be the first on left of dealer, would I have had the same cards had I positioned myself on the other extreme to the right side of dealer ?
so it is really a program question.

The other reason, for an edge, but it could be “fatal” to…

There was one torny where I just had to leave, some others left to due to a player just all-inning every hand, and admitting this is what he/she is going to do in the chat box.
Yes, that’s right, openly admitted, “lets play BINGO”… If he won a round, the next deal was an all-in, and if he lost ( or she ), would top up and all-in again.I gone of-topic by saying this, but then again some players will tag your play depending on “seating position”. In real game this does not happen as much as those who anonymously act this way on-line game of poker.

The solution is then to wait till a seat is vacant, then hopefully make it in time to remove yourself, then click on the preferred empty seat.

There are toggles on the top left to adjust / rotate seating seating, but overall will this determine what cards one would have had ?.. as I already mentioned

@Bluezzz ,
You talk of altering the cards… unless you chg the seating order, no it shudn’t.
Lets say takes seats are 1-3-4-6-7 , leaving 2-5-8-9 open…
Lets say you’re in seat 7… switching to 8 or 9, won’t change anything untill
more players show up… switching to 2 or 5 will change because you are
changing the order to be “dealt to”.

I can see switching seats for the psychological reason its a diff seat.
I can see to get away from another player, but not to just reverse posistion.
If I see a rival player… I’ll choose a seat across from them when I sit, or if it
is a problem player then I just switch tables or wait them out.

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don’t really know enough about that to give a straight answer, but i think SS covered that part quite well. would have suspected the same thing but wouldn’t have known for sure.
and since the programming works like that, it’s actually the same thing as getting cards dealt in a live game

there is only one thing i like to add onto this, which is that even switching to get different cards doesn’t mean better cards, nor does it mean worse. in fact, you’ll get the exact same strength of hands long term. in other words, there is no strategical reason to switch for just that.

hope this helps, gl.

Hi Everyone

People can select the seat on each max table size. You can click the preferred seat position for that table size.


seat gets me winning hands!

Seems like I get the seat next to the dealer a lot. Both sides. I hate those positions. I just use the seatting arrows and position myself to seating position I like.