Chips were not added!

This is unreal. I just got knocked out of freeroll tourney just now. I won 1400+ chips from a pot. I had only 300+ chips before that. But right after I won those chips tables were rebalanced and it showed i still have 300+ chips. Then i got knocked out. How awesome is that? I would just LOVE moderators having the balls to answer this one.

Downright pathetic. I’m fuming so much …

I’m angry and i want an answer immediately.

Hi Xov,

You’re totally right and we’re very sorry that this happened. We’ve never seen this issue before, so we’ve created a bug ticket and the tech team will investigate right away so we can get it fixed. We’ve also dropped some chips into your account to help make up for the frustration.

Cheers, Lesley

Ok, cheers for the quick reaction.