Chips not returned

still missing chips after ring game. over 24,000 would like the problem to be resolved love playing replay. but hate this 2nd time it’s happen…

Please send questions (with all info you have) about bank amount (missing chips, missing prizes) to use the ? in the header. Andrew can take a look, solve it or send you the logs (from mo to fri)

Hi smokes247girl, I thought I’d take the initiative and look into the issue for you.

Created at Username Reason Change Description Operation Total Chips Oct 31, 2013 12:39 smokes247girl game -25,000 joining table 343583 withdraw 78,992 Oct 31, 2013 17:37 smokes247girl game 24,789 leaving table 343583 deposit 118,296

Those are the bank records related to the issue last Thurs, where there was a delay in returning the chips when players left the table. If you check your Activity Report for that session you can find the last hand you played before leaving here: where you left with the 24,789. As you can see from the bank log above we returned this about 5 hours later at 17:37 ET bringing your total chips at the time to 118,296. You probably didn’t even notice at the time the chips had been returned, hence the confusion. But I can assure you that every last chip was accounted for.

Best, Paul.

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