Chips In, Out of Turn

How is it possible that players have some chips in before it is their action in ring games. I don’t see that there is a way to straddle. What’s happening with this?

Have you seen this at Replay. If so, please provide an example of a hand where you have witnessed this so we may see what you are speaking of.

Hi jzoo
I wonder if you are aware that you have an option in Game Settings via the drop down list next to the small avatar on the Dashboard. This would account for a player receiving chips during the action if a bet has caused them to drop below their minimum for top up?
I hope this is what you meant.
Best of luck at the tables.


It’s a “ Top Off “. You can do
It also when needed.


I apologize for my statement. I thought jzoo was referring to small blinds, big blinds, straddles, etc. I wasn’t aware he could have been referring to “topping off” of checks/chips.

I wasn’t referring to the auto top off feature. I was talking about chips placed “over the line” prior to the action coming to that player.

Oh goodness. I have no idea. If I see it again, I will save the hand so I can report back.

I’ve never seen or heard of that, sorry. If it happens again a screenshot would be nice.

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Caught this behavior in a screenshot.

In this case I happen to be the player with chips over the line while out of turn. The pre-flop is dealt. Action is on Pomme45 to my right who is UTG. I already have two chips over the line. I had not clicked any buttons yet.

Here is another example just a bit later.

I have found this to occur anytime a new player sits ahead of the big blind. The rules are such that, in this case, new player is also responsible for posting a big blind.

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It’s called “posting”

When you join a table in progress or if you missed a previous a big blind, you can’t play a hand until you either are in the big blind or you pay an amount equal to the big blind by “posting” it on the bet line.

It’s to stop people from deliberately skipping paying the blinds or finding tricks to play hands from only good positions. This is a universal rule on every poker site and card room.

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fair enough ,fiature ! mission is great a way toreward all peoples who play every day or every night !it makes me play longer! but is to soon to know if Im going to like it or not!

I am familiar with posting, but I am not cure that posting applied in the circumstances I saw. I’ve seen money in the middle, which is where I would expect to see a posted blind. That’s probably the correct call. I’ll pay closer attention next time I see this.


@unskilld I believe is correct in both of your examples in posts 9 and 10. You can review your hand #932390393 (post 9) and click on previous hand which shows you were sitting out the previous hand. So, when you re-joined you were required to post the BB.

In your post 10, the hand #932393411, Brunogatz who was on your right had to post the BB because that was his first hand in the game.

I hope this helps.