Chinese New Year tourneys - can't use tickets?

Just curious why we can’t use 5k Tickets to register for these tourneys.

Another question for RP “managers”.
I noticed that for the Chinese promotion the first place is awarded only with 140K???
The math is as follows: if you play all (28) tournaments you have to pay 28*5K=140K total.
Why should anyone play this promotion where only if you are first on the end of the week you are on “positive” zero.
With these low awards you can’t stimulate players to play your promotion.
I will play any other tournament only for their prices…
Just for comparison, the royal royale was awarded with 822K (first place), for Omaha hi/lo the price was 450K (first place).
Also you didn’t change the awards for year’s tables. At the moment the 1st place is only 1 Mil, and for the month 1st place is 500K.
That means that only with 2 months playing I can win yours year award, which is definitely not stimulating serious players.

Hi, My bad. I did not tell the template to allow tickets. Starting with the one at 14:30 ET today, Tickets are a registration option.


Hi, ZoranPetrov,

The Leaderboard is 1 million total, but we add 100,000 to each of the 28 tournaments, so a total of 3.8M goes into this promotion for just 28 x 5K entry events, plus they are 4 extra tournaments to the daily schedule.
Whoever wins 140,000 chips for fist place is guaranteed a decent profit from the games themselves. There is no way they will do as badly as break level, is there?

Regarding the Yearly Leaderboards, we thought long and hard about their payouts. In the end we elected to continue giving generous short term rewards for a variety of games in our weekly and seasonal promotions and delay any changes to the Yearly Leaderboards until we can construct a fair system which appeals to as many players as possible.

Hope this answers your questions,


Thanks for your prompt reply, but I will just ignore your low awarded promotions and tables.
Also I think many of the serious players will follow my example.

Thanks Rob.

Personally, I play these promotions for the challenge and consider the leaderboard a bonus. Would I play the promotions without a leaderboard? Probably not, but the amount I win on the leaderboard is not really a big factor. I play the promotions to improve my game and my bank. I don’t play for the leaderboard alone. A friend once told me not to spend more than I stand to gain by the leaderboard. I took that further and make it a point to win more chips than I lose, so that the leaderboard is all profit. That is a big challenge sometimes, but keeps me focused :slightly_smiling_face: I love the challenge of the promotions, because they get me out of my comfort zone. They make me play and improve on games I normally wouldn’t play and allow me to meet new players and make new friends.


Unfortunately some players are obsessed with leaderboards, and only play to top them, forgetting about poker and the fun of the game. Their whole play style changes and is based just on collecting points. Zero poker skills. And they still call themselves “serious players” LOL.
As nice as it is to have leaderboard rewards, it’s very important to keep the spirit of the game and keep the game fun and exciting. Getting rewarded with tourney points is a bonus, and should be encouraging, but not blinding. That’s my personal opinion :slight_smile:


Way back when I was in college, I took an economics course. One of the first things that got drilled into our heads was this: “People respond to incentives.”

If you don’t want people to exploit the leaderboards, at least one of three things must occur:

  1. Remove the incentive entirely; don’t have the leaderboards.
  2. Stop using leaderboard formats that are easy to exploit.
  3. Punish the exploiters.

Expecting everyone to be “honorable” and keep the spirit of the game is unrealistic. People act in their own self-interest, they respond to incentives, and in order to reach the top of said leaderboard they will say to themselves “the ends justify the means”.

I think this is a smidge unfair. You can be a “serious player” but still take advantage of an opportunity by adapting to the circumstances.

Let’s consider a real-life professional poker event formatted similar to the SnG promos we’ve had lately: where playing as many tables as possible in a finite amount of time means more points. I can’t help but wonder if several of the players would try to double & quadruple up as quickly as possible, then allow their giant stack blind off while they go play at another table. Or how many would try to bust out as quickly as possible in order to get points from as many tables as possible?

As you can see, non-standard play is incentivized here. They don’t play “serious poker” because “serious poker” doesn’t win in this situation. However, being a complete clot running shove/fold strategy on 6 tables simultaneously does win. But after the leaderboard is done and over with, the “serious player” can go back to one’s favorite ring game table and go back to being a “serious player”.

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Whilst I agree with everything you say, you should know that I wasn’t talking in general, but about a specific type of players, who play just for leaderboards and tourney points, and whose play style is everything but serious, using the fold (90% of the time) or shove (10% of the time with aces or kings only) just to make it to final tables and collect tournament points, zero poker skills, zero fun, zero strategy, just robotic moves to collect points, and at the end of the day they call themselves “serious players” because they are able to advance on leaderboards while their poker knowledge and skill remain at a fish level. That’s all :slight_smile:

I have to admit that everything you said there is true though. It’s just unfortunate how something encouraging like leaderboards could turn into something that people come to a poker site and play anything but poker just to exploit.

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Thank you for the clarification, I know of whom you speak.

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I dunno about that…the points awarded are not particularly significant after a certain rank…and ultimately reaching a higher rank is the goal…