Children through the Ages


Children change so much from birth to adulthood. What age is the most fun?
I’ll give my two cents: Every year was better than the one before–except 15!


Every age is wonderful but 16 is magical!! No more babies. Teaching how to drive, driver’s license test, the start of dating, part time job, really discovering once again what it was like to be 16 again. :heart::heart::heart:


i am 26 but i defenitely consider myself in the 14-16 ish range considering who i truly am. didnt had much friends or freedom when i actually was that age, but at least i do now and i have made some really good friends that are a lot younger then me (youngest one is 13). and im truly happy now. so if i have to pick just one number, i think i go somewhere in the middle and pick 15 as well


I’d stay 20 forever if I could, old enough to enjoy adult things properly but still young enough to seem cool to the teens and get up to childish mischief with the kids, it really is the perfect age :wink:

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As an added to this . When you look out on the world how old are the eyes you look out of ? ( please ignore all sight tests , this is about more … )

13 yrs for me

At just shy of 77 I am still 23.

I think I was born age 27, and my mind still thinks that’s where I am. Unfortunately, the mirror keeps showing me some soon-to-be 75 year old who looks sort of like the me I’ll be someday if I live that long. Curse that mirror!