Check this post if you truly want to improve your poker skill

Hi all,

My name is Daniel N, a professional player. I ran accross this professional player whose id is 666satan. He’s been playing in this f2p website for a while his classic play style is truly professional and rarely lost a single game he plays post-flop. Please check out his game play and if you try to improve your game play. Let me know if you have any questions about his play and if you guys want to improve, i will answer them as much as i can.

Ask me how I know you’re lying

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How do you know he’s lying?



Thanks for the HU. Will keep an eye out and observe.

But, after looking at some of his recent hands I don’t see why you’ve come up with your opinion unless you personally know this player.

The first thing you might notice is that both accounts are new.
A name like 666satan is similar to the screen names used by a certain troll who frequents this site
A troll who claims to be a professional player and calls others fish
A very bad player who has studied a few opening charts and thinks that makes him an elite player. A perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Also this is clearly a lie. No one rarely loses a hand post-flop. No professional would ever make such an idiotic statement.

rarely lost a single game he plays post-flop


Can’t argue with any of that.


Just watch his plays. I saw your plays in the stream. His play is next level. I should correct my statement by saying he never lost a All-In in 2 hours of continuous play that i have been watching. no i created this post just so bring everyone into attention.

I didnt know this guy. He never lost a single All-in and folded every game in the perfect spot. He may be a pro but he could also be a bot that collect your chips

If someone never loses an all-in it means you’re lying or they’re cheating