hand 938541777
Dealer: ** Hand [ 938541777 ] started
Dealer: Dealt to board: [ 4c 5s 2s ]

Dealer: Dealt to board: [ Js ]

Dealer: annas123 shows [ Jd 5d 6d 5c ]

Dealer: partyon55 shows [ 8d As Ac 4d ]

Dealer: Dealt to board: [ 7s ]

Dealer: Showdown: Main pot, 4,970 chips

Dealer: annas123 wins 4,970 chips with: Three of a Kind, Fives
Please explain 5 spades Flush wins hand???

You must use exactly 2 of your hole in Omaha poker therefore you didn’t have a spade flush. Your best hand was AA and was beaten by 555.
It’s important to remember 2 of your cards MUST be used