Cheater or Chip Dumping should not be allowed!

ok Im prob gonna get a lot of Riff Raff over this but Im so tired of coming in here wanting to play a good game of Poker at a good table the “Wham!” along comes 2 players always doing this to the tsbles and getting away with it. I have reported them but nothing seems to be done about it! Yes I leave but it is so annoying! Moderatoers or reps if you are reading this contact me cause I have plenty of Notes on these 2. ( not usually a Tattle Tailor ) but this has gone far enough…not sure how many are gonna back me up but heres what I see all the time…GRRR…THEY win on weird or No Strong hands!

What is colluding in poker?

« View All Poker Terms. Collusion is cheating involving two or more players working together. Collusion can mean any illegal cheating between 2 or more players. Common types of collusion include Chip Dumping, stacking a Cold Deck, and communicating hands using signals or in another language.

How do you spot collusion in poker?

Squeeze Play

The first regular form of collusion is squeezing you out of the pot. Teams will work together to squeeze you out of a pot when neither player has a firm hand. You may see a player make a small bet after the flop, and having a decent hand, you decide to call


I don’t mean to be rude but u r playing very low stakes … If “Chip dumping” is going on I would be very surprized … IIt is probably more like these players r raiseing and u don’t like it. :slight_smile:


no they are not raising…they come to the table before the flop and will put in 10K everytime or they wait for someone to bet 50 then they will bet in 3K etc before flops! I have polayed here for yrs and on a league so I know what IM talking about. then when flop comes one will have a 2/3 or the other will have an 3/8 off suit and the flop will not even be close to what they can play it with. They force others to fold so they can play eea other or some will go all in and lose.
One player everytime before the flop high bet! this is on a low table 25/50
They should be playing on high tables and they seem to have more than 1 mill. They r just bored or looking for feeders they are not playing poker.

That is not Chip Dumping Sunshine

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youre not rude just saying that to play like that on a low table should not be allowed when they have a high bank . BTY I do know how to play ask some of the League Captains…Iknow about raising on a good bet LOL ask some of the league Capains if I can play or not lol

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you want the names you can see for yourself!

Yea they are just being Jerks and I personally don’t understand why they waste their time. But Mommy Issues and Replay go hand and hand :slight_smile:

Best of luck at the tables

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I sent u a friend request and u send me the names and I’ll look and if they need a attitude adjustment I will go to their table and introduce them to a real Bully lol

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Thanks got it and you can see for yourself what Im talking about lol…Chat with ya soon and GL 2 u as well!

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If it’s always the same two players that would be suspicious. It’s difficult to tell based on your post but it’s really sad that two players would cheat on any site but, especially on a free chip one. If they continue to show up at your Ring tables just move to another one or try the MTT’s.

Btw, I like your Avatar.

Thank you! I have a cobra mustang with the logo so thght I would find something close to it for my Avatar LOL!
Yes I do move myself from the tables but no matter what they always go the small tables and have played at where im at many times!