Cheated out of 600 chips

Playing sunday million 2 tournament ,taken out # 5 player got stuck . 2 million and more left on the table. I think i should get my 600 chips or my token .This happen yesterday. over 100 players 5 player did not play at all.

Hi viv

There is a technical problem with a couple of tournaments and more tournaments with the same problem, still shows as running, wrong ranking, most of them with a table which not ran from the start.

Sorry for the inconvience, if possible it will be resolved today.

Hi viv,

Sorry for the trouble during this tournament, we had a few residual issues after our database server crashed on Friday night. Our tech team fixed this tournament early Monday morning and you were awarded your prize for finishing in 1st place. Attached is a screenshot of this deposit.

Thanks for your support and patience during these issues.

Cheers, Lesley