Chatting with your Friends


:rofl: That’s better than my husband’s motto, which is a very bland “Why do today what can be put of until tomorrow?”


He may be wiser than you know. Tomorrow never comes. I learned that from a sign in a bar that said “FREE BEER TOMORROW”. The next day, I went in and the sign still said “FREE BEER TOMORROW”. shrug-smiley%20(50x50)%20(2)


In my whippersnapper days I was in a band that named themselves Free Beer…we had to quickly change it when club owners told us there was no way they’d put that on their marque :grin:


Why do we post on the forums? Sometimes I wonder if it’s at all worth it.

These are public forums, not made for posters who don’t want their posts to be seen, discussed, praised or criticized, are they?

There’s always time and effort put behind every comment, every reply, every post, every thread, so why really waste that time and effort for the pleasure of complete strangers who may or may not appreciate it?

It’s always interesting to discuss and debate ideas with different people from different backgrounds. One could always choose the topic that they find interesting or worth discussing to participate in, and leave the ones that don’t interest them for others.

But is it really worth it sometimes to post a reply or a comment just to insult a person that you don’t know, but also don’t like for some reason? What’s the point of these contributions, I wonder.

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Although I’m not a psychologist, I have a theory or two on that subject. Those people who write hostile posts are attempting to vent something deep inside that probably really needs venting. The thing that needs venting probably has nothing to do with poker, but since there’s a forum, and someone is likely to read what they write, they vent in hopes that it will help. Maybe it’s safer to vent about poker than to vent about what’s really amiss. It’s definitely a sign of trouble inside.


I post non mean things here, so I can let whatever it is out of my head. If I write hostile to someone it’s because I have issue with that person, (I know a few people here can vouch for me) that I prefer to be hostile in a private message so it can be honestly worked out or not… If it’s done in public It would mean that I want people to side with me, to give me validation.


I ain’t no psychologist either but would agree with your post completely and would take it one step further and say it’s what can cause the bingo-all-inners-pre-flop every hand nonsense too.
They just seem angry all the time and maybe frustrated with their boss at work or even life in general.
Sometimes I actually feel a little sorry for them but it sure can be annoying for the rest of us.


Is it time to get back to cute grandkids ?
Zia and Dani


I’ll take them if you’re tired of them yet, Grandy. (DARLING! You win!)


They’re flying down for a week this summer from Portland with Mom …we can’t wait! :joy: