Chatting with your Friends

I prefer the Chinese signs. According to them, I’m a PIG! Most of my living ex-wives agree.


There are studies that show that all star signs are written in a way that anyone can identify with. I’m not so sure because they all have different characters and personalities, but come think of it, what if we choose to identify with our star sign because we are told to do so. Everyone can be compassionate, jealous, fair, dreamy, etc… So I sometimes wonder, if I am given the description of another star sign and told it’s mine, would I purposely find the things that match my personality and identify with them?

Check out this experiment:

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Well, the age of Aquarius may have come and gone, but I’m still here. image

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In my case I was totally pony mad by the age of four, and certainly preferred animals to human friends. All this was long before I had even heard of star signs and their meanings!

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Ok but couldn’t it be just a coincidence?
I mean not every Sagittarius on the planet loves horses or animals in general, right? And other star signs also love horses.

Yes, horoscopes are so annoyingly vague. It would be useful to read for once: “Tonight you’ll go to a party and you’ll meet there the gorgeous Mario Rossi. That will be the beginning of a wonderful love affair.”
In my opinion, horoscopes are nothing more than a funny reading, especially because they always communicate something positive. I forgot when I read last one, it was years ago.
I have always been sceptical about astrology, but of course, I, too, have sometimes checked the typical personality traits of my star sign, Gemini, and those of my husband’s sign, Virgo.
And I have to admit that the usual description of Gemini fits me perfectly, and that I could never be a Virgo!
Nevertheless, I also tend to believe that the descriptions of star signs are formulated in a way that as many people as possible can identify with them.
I have never checked other signs, but I had to smile at your description of yourself as a typical Sagittarius, @grapevine.
My mother was also a Sagittarius, but she hated the countryside and especially long nature walks! She certainly preferred to spend all her free time playing poker or canasta with her friends.
Well, perhaps there is a difference between an English and an Italian Sagittarius.
But… could it be (just a guess) that you are getting more and more similar to an Italian Sagittarius? :laughing:

So what’s everybody’s star sign?
I’m a Libra.


No idea why I’m doing this. It could be fun :slight_smile:

What’s your star sign?

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces

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Ah Miri, apparently you need to be born in the middle phase of your star sign to be typical, I am 17th December, exactly in the middle! Also I have heard that Saggitarium Italiano are a completely different breed! You are certainly right in that I would now bond with your mother!

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Capricorn here Dec. 24th

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Look at all those Virgos here! Either we respond to polls more than others OR we are born poker players. lol


With all the Bull dropped here, especially in the forum, it would surprise me if Taurus isn’t the eventual leader. :rofl:


haha, hopefully the last :grin:

lol :joy:

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I guess I have nothing to post. I misread the topic of this thread. I thought it said CHEATING with your friends. so I dropped in.:blush:


God Seville, I hope you meant poker…:astonished:


It looks like the Virgos are winning.

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One trait of a Virgo is the desire to complete a task. The others will get around to it some day… (The Libras have a great deal to think about as they weigh their comments… Don’t expect them back.)

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A trait of Aquarius, at least this one, is never put off until tomorrow that which you can disregard entirely. :wink: