Chatting in Non-English

Is chatting in non-English allowed? In a tourney I was just in, lots of chat going on in another language. How can you protect the integrity of the game when players have no idea whether other players chatting in non-English are sharing information? Thanks.

yes its allowed.

  1. you can use copy paste the chat to google ( 2…If you concern others may cheat or speak about you or others, please send hand numbers to moderators.

Thanks for the question deadfan. Marcipan is right, it is allowed, since we encourage players to join from all over the world. Perhaps in future we can add a feature to translate directly in the chat box, but for now your best bet is to use the link marcipan posted above to check a quick translation.

LOL!!! They are talking about you and the moderators can see your cards and pass info on to steal your free chips. I have known this for a long time, but I scheme and plot with the Knights Templar to put an end to this evil plot against truth justice and the the new world order.