Chatting between hands

I chat a lot after hands.

Sometimes joking and talking general.

Sometime chatting about the hand after it is over.

Some in the league tournaments say I’m cheating by chatting about the hand after the hand is over.

I have played real money poker most my life and never have seen anyone not allowed to chat poker between hands or be accused of cheating.

I have read the league rules, and they real as following about chatting.

" Chat and Personal Messages

Keep it friendly on and off the tables! We encourage you to get to know other players on Replay Poker, and some good-natured competitive chat is always welcome. However, it’s important that you’re cordial to other players, and avoid the following:

  • Rudeness of any kind, including vulgarity, trolling, impatience, spamming, site bashing, aggressive use of all-caps, or insults.
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia, or any targeted hate speech or slurs.
  • Religion and politics. These are sensitive subjects that often lead to conflicts. Keep these discussions off the tables.
  • References to the cards you hold in an active hand, cheating, collusion, criminal activity, or advertisements. Chat and Personal Messages"

The only reference to chatting only mentions “to the cards you hold in an active hand.”

If you google any site you will never find a place that says you cant talk about the hand after it is over.

This topic in league play should be universally understood.

Unless I’m playing on my phone and can’t chat, you get a break, other wise, please read the rules for yourself.

Thank you and see you on the felt.



Hi @RealPokerGod , I have to agree with your summation and the site encourages players to start or engage in conversations. Speaking of a last hand could be a way to start the conversation. At times, I think we all speak of our hands played after the hand is over. This could be how we misplayed a hand as an example. Have a Great day & gl at the tables.


It sounds like you have a snowflake playing at the table getting their panties in a knot over nothing! Personally IMO discussing a hand after it is completed and a new hand is dealt is NOT cheating BUT some could definitely feel its poor etiquette and I wouldn’t really disagree.

For example player A goes all in on the turn and player B folds and player A wins. Next hand you say I folded hand xx therefore I think player A was probably bluffing.

Now player B is annoyed bc they think they got bluffed! Now player A is annoyed bc you are possibly giving away their play and strategy to everyone else playing!

Personally I feel you didn’t really do anything particularly wrong. Most Leagues are probably fairly relaxed and casual, but some might be more serious, competitive and cutthroat. I would personally discuss the topic in private with the League organisers. You need to tow the line and follow the guidelines for the League you are playing in. If you don’t like the atmosphere and guidelines then there is lots of other Leagues you can join

I see ignorant players occasionally comment about their cards in the middle of the hand! I rarely feel the need to act like the RP etiquette police and tell them off bc its a FREE poker at low stakes ring. If I’m playing at high stakes or in a SNG, MTT I’m more likely to casually explain they shouldn’t be disclosing their hand until the hand is completed and over.

Its FREE poker! Players need to chill and relax more! Telling players off for what some might consider minor poor etiquette makes poker more boring IMO!

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We are all here to have Lots of Fun and enjoy the fellowship, I hope:) gl at the tables!