Chat Tables

I so love this site, and most of the people I’ve met here. I know this is a poker site, but sometimes it would be nice to chat with just a few friends. Any chance of “chat tables” where the cards don’t fall, just a place for people who don’t IM or want to talk to the whole world can spend a bit of time between games? Thanks so for everything! Chattily Yrs, MaggieCat

It’s a nice idea MaggieCat. You’re talking about a real-time chat room, rather than a forum it sounds like? Would be great to hear the views of other players.

Something like the tables, where you could keep an eye on the registration list, or a friend playing while still catching up with a pal. Maybe similar to sng, a few tables with two seats, six seats, and nine seats.

I realize that there could be problems with collusion, but perhaps have the chatters sit out on any games, or only be able to take a seat when not playing. There are times I would love to catch someone online, and tell him/her something exciting about the games or rl. Perhaps one of us is in a game, the other isn’t. So we have this new ‘window’ we can open, where our chat won’t disturb other players but we can still watch and play at our table(s). Just an idea. Thank you again for this perfectly superb place.

I see what you mean, thanks for sharing. We’ll keep that in mind for future updates to the site =)