Chat Box Problem

Can you please fix my chat? When I type, the words don’t appear in the chat box. Thanks. BD

I need someone from Replay to fix / answer my problem.

try first update adobe flashplayer.

I see its solved

BARRYID : my last hand. i have to go

Okay great, I’ll close this topic then as solved. But in future when you report a problem like this if you can answer the following question it’ll help a lot:

Are you on mac or pc? What browser do you use and which version? Has it ever worked, or has it suddenly stopped working. Did you try on different tables? Can you chat in the tournament lobby? Do you remember to click the text box first, before you chat?

My ability to chat has stopped SINCE i added the latest flash update today!!!

ooops just seen this topic is 2 years old! However it possibly is a problem the total opposite to the original one?